2001 Honda Civic
Owner: Byron Alvarado
Date Added: 05/04/2002
Date Updated: 10/21/2002
Ride Specs

DC Stainless Steel 4-2-1 Header (polished), DC (DAC) Short Ram Intake (polished), DC Fuel Rail (red), DC Front Upper Strut Bar (polished) ,DC Rear Lower Strut Bar (red) , DC Oil Cap (polished) , DC Battery Tie Down (polished) , Hose Techniques Wire covers n silicon Hoses, Type-R Radiator Cap (polished), Type-R Fuel Cap (polished), Kudo Cat-Back Exhaust, STILL MORE TO COME...........


Type-R Red Floor Mats, Type-R E-Brake Handle, , Auto Meter Gauges (4) with 5" Tach Phantom Series, Red and White custom paint for the interior, APC Extinguisher (polished), AC Techniques Indigo gauge face, Ractive Peddles, ALSO MORE TO COME......


Night Glow Neon Kit (red), "Five-O" Strobes, Decals and Flame Sticker by SPEEDWORLD, APR V-Spec Wing with custom Red and Black Paint, OEM Carbon Fiber Hood and Grill, Carbon Fiber "H" with Carbon Fiber "Civic" emblems, Polished Hood pins, ALSO MORE TO COME......


16 inch Rated-R rims wrapped in Yokohama tires. ALSO MORE TO COME......


Nuespeed Spring with 2.0 inch drop, DC Rear Lower Strut Bar (red), DC Front Upper Tower Bar (polished). YUP, MORE TO COME ALSO...


Sony X-Plod Head Unit, 5.6 inch TV Screen with a Playstation 2, Audio Bahn 12 inch 800 Watt subs, Alpine 800 Watt Amp, Strobes, MORE TO COME......

Future Mods

Well im not done with hooking up my car but soon maybe i will, i still need some more engine mods, for example shots of NOS and also interior and a body kit for my car.

Date: 03/09/2005
more pictures!!