2000 Honda Civic EX
Owner: Bryant Walker (BryantCharles)
Date Added: 08/30/2002
Date Updated: 08/30/2002
Ride Specs

Akimoto short ram; chrome valve cover...(tacky?) haha...DC sports stainless steel 4-2-1 header; HKS Hiper exhaust; AEM fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator; Skunk2 brace (front and rear); AEM pulley kit; and all those cheesy engine dressing stuff, but it doesn't look right on my car, so i'm going to rip that stuff out...


momo race shift knob and e-brake handle..(i have a b&m short shifter, just need to put it on)...reverse indiglo guages (i'm not to fond of the "APC" full glow guages)...and of course the blue racing pedals, yeah the real cool clip on ones...mmm-hmmm...


The first thing i did when i purchased my car before I had done anything else was paint the rocker moldings to match the car...


I had the chromies on there, but recently hooked it up with Tenzo SHU-4 in gunmetal (17"), with 40 series Kumhos, real happy with the tenzo's, and Kumho's are wearing pretty well too, for the traction they provide,...word of advice to the thrifty,---they're pretty cheap, too!


NEX one-piece sport coilovers, and I want to get the rear-disc conversion, because I'm not too fond of


nope...nada...don't make me cry...yeah, it's stock, but i remember whn i got, i was all stoked just because it had a stock cd player because i was pretty broke when i bought it,.....wait, 2 1/2 years later i'm STILL broke...

Future Mods

Want a B16, I know their not as powerful as the B18's but I mainly want more power and want to add the GReddy turbo on it, along with either the skyline front bumper or the full buddy club kit....among a bunch of other little things like a system worth talking about...(lengthy wish list, huh?)

Posted By: droppedcivic
Date: 08/02/2006
that sucks, your car was really nice

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/23/2004
Aww dayum it got jacked? Well u still got the car right? Did u get it running again or are ya driving it at least?, or what do u drive now?

Posted By: BryantCharles
Date: 06/02/2004
It's cool. My car was jacked, so whenever I want to check it out, at least I know it'll still be on Honda Gallery. Haha [tears]...well, if anybody needs parts; i still have headers and a fuel rail. let me know...

Posted By: moddedbya1auto
Date: 12/23/2003
its tight. keep it up! and keep it sleeper! 2000 civic coupe with jdm integra type r swap comin' soon (from me)

Posted By: sohccivic00
Date: 11/21/2003
its clean, keep it that way, and do performance things. i have a white 00 EX