1992 Honda Civic
Owner: Joe (tfrasc3)
Date Added: 08/30/2002
Date Updated: 08/15/2004
Ride Specs





StreetFighter Front
M3 Sides
Top Gun Rear
Viper Yellow Paint
Custom Shorty Antenna
Euro Tails
Blue Projector Headlights
Clear Corners
Blue Painted Calipers and Drums
Full Neon Underbody Kit
S351 Spoiler


16x7" Millie Miglias wrapped in Yokahama Rubber




Sony Explode Head
6" Infinitys All Around
2- 12" IMPPs Powered by Rockford Fosgate 160a2

Future Mods


Posted By: chris42192
Date: 06/29/2008
Man y people be hatin on yo ride cuz u can afford da stuff they can't, its yo taste mann, keep up da good work!!

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 02/08/2006
ur car lokks clean u got a nice body kit on there when u gonna drop it a better paint color would do good to

check mine

Posted By: horrse
Date: 09/06/2005
for reall don't listen to them foos.. your car looks nice.. who says 4drs can't have any fun.. look at the evos and STI's.. anywho the only thing you need to work on is that front that's sky high.. drop it down a tad...and maybe the rear too.. for real

Posted By: hondaracer420
Date: 12/16/2004
dont listen to ANYTHING these ppl say your car looks nice ok?
and the color holy sheep sh*t i love it man yellow is the greatest color and its back good going i think u kinda stole my idea too lol i was plannin on yellow paint job with blue everything else hella yeah its a nice ride what else u plan on doing?

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/18/2004
Whoa ya got ya body work hella farther than me! looks good. so whats next? ya gunna do on ya car anything done to the engine lets see its brain see what its got going :-p. u know what i like to know what or how many categories are there "show, Racer, Crusin, Go and rice?" humm what is mine ? lol half show half go ? go show ah ha! its a Shgow!

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 08/16/2004
Dont listen to them, i like what youve done so far.But let you and me start are engines :-) .I still need to finish paint :-( .Stay up.

Posted By: BoostedLS
Date: 01/17/2004
Goodness, that about makes me lose my lunch. What posessed you to ruin this superb grocery getter?

Posted By: maniakhispanic
Date: 12/11/2003
all show no go ...rice .... but nice lokkin ride thow

Posted By: whitelightning
Date: 11/24/2003