1998 Honda Civic EX
Owner: garrett shuck (garrett)
Date Added: 09/23/2002
Date Updated: 09/12/2003
Ride Specs

AEM blue cold air intake.
AEM blue tru power pullies
AEM blue tru timing gear


eurolite blue carbon indiglo gauges
blue w/ real carbonfiber shift and E-brake by Matrix, also a set of blue on silver matrix petals.


Gen 3 gun metal alteezas
matches the black paint nicely. Looking for OEM red/white Stanley lens.


17 Konig Verdicts
wrapped in nitto 450's


dropped 2 inches on Progress Performance springs.
Tokico illumina shocks
Progress sway bar


the new Kenwwod 819 MP3 going to a Rockford 401s powering a thumping POLK/MOMO MM12 woofer. Also got a set of POLK/MOMO MM6's and a pair of POLK/MOMO MM455's. Nothing better than Polk.

Future Mods

front and rear lip spoilers
Sparco Milano seats rewrapped in leather along with he back
greddy turbo or supercharger
greddy intercooler
jackson racing cat
jackson racing oil cooler
DC sport headers
tranny cooler
auto to manual tranny conversion if i can find out how much it will cost.
brushed aluminum dash treatment
M3 fenders
M3 mirriors

and many many more

Posted By: sluggishEG
Date: 05/02/2006
You went with POLK MOMO's...u got GREAT TASTE!

Posted By: TaNeR
Date: 04/03/2004
nice car man :D

Posted By: htuner21
Date: 10/12/2003
I've heard, with the transmission included $1800 for a conversion.
If I were you, I would do a couple bolt-ons then build the engine from the inside out, from the block to the head and then add a turbo/supercharger/nitrous all the significant power adders last