1991 Honda Accord EX
Owner: Ryan Kirkman (SpaZ)
Date Added: 12/09/2002
Date Updated: 03/04/2004
Ride Specs

InJeN Technology Intake
Magnaflow Exhuast System


Street Glow Neons (Red)
Red racing pedals
Indiglo Gauges


Xenon Front Lip
M3 Led Mirrors
Red/Clear Tails
Euro Style Clear Corners
Euro Style Clear Bumpers


17" Exel TZ-7 (White)
205/40/17 Kumho Tires


Neuspeed Sport Springs
1.5" Drop
Painted Calipers and Rear Drums


Sony Xplod head unit
Two Xplod 12's
Sony Xplod 760w AMP
Sony Xplod 6x9's
Sony Xplod 4's
Viper Alarm 300 ESP
Cobra Radar

Future Mods

car is sold..

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 10/17/2003
Nice accord, love the tails and the stance...just a few ideas tho...did you ever thing about getting a factory style rear wing...might tie things up in the back with those tails...also you ever think of maybe picking up a set of sidemarkers...i don't know what you'd think of those, but if you got clear ones, i think they'd compliment your rims and not many people have them on this gen accord...the mesh upper grill might also not look half bad...also a neat little trick i did on my accord was to wire the bumper lights to be on but still blink...it looks really sweet at night, let me know if you wanna know how i did it...but anyways...i wouldn't get the back bumper from the xenon tho...i think it looks a little goofy honestly, but anyways, clean accord i'm jealous of people that don't have to deal with salt in the winter...keep up the good work and good luck

Posted By: Honda530
Date: 10/02/2003
Nicest 4th gen I know. Hey I was wondering do you like Sony hehe:) Should have gotten the Sony alarm and radar too:) well just paint em red and put a xplod sticer on them lol:)

Posted By: SpaZ
Date: 10/01/2003
I got them off some company in Cali.. the tail-lights arn't hard to find online..

Posted By: 94accordex
Date: 09/20/2003
Hey Spaz, where did you buy those tail-lights from?

Posted By: CivicDX9721
Date: 09/11/2003
Nice Ride Brotha...Explicit Concepts.."We Be Rollin"