1998 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Jason Champion (jrock74)
Date Added: 12/14/2002
Date Updated: 01/07/2003
Ride Specs

chrome intake
apc chrome strut bar
chrome braided hoses
blue flex loom


brushed aluminum dash kit
chrome shist and e-brake handles
indiglo gauges
weapon-r pedals


octane front bumper
"accord" etched in rear windows
3m racing exhaust
double stack aluminum wing


18" axis d-mesh wrapped in 215/40/18 pirellis


2" sprint drop springs for now


full sony explod system

Future Mods

19" wheels,air cylinders,back bumper,full custom interior,headlights,side skirts,paint,skyline taillight conversion

Posted By: jay95
Date: 01/11/2007
hey whats up clean car i was the one that emailed you to see if you wanted to sell those axis rims are you still interested in selling?

Posted By: TeamRPMaccord
Date: 05/03/2005
gotta love the octane front....it's definitely one of my fav for the accord.

Posted By: yankeeboy
Date: 03/02/2005
you need to get skirts and a rear bumper and change the color and maybe keep that tealish color with the engine and the inside but ut like a teal vinyl or a little teal paint n the outside....

Posted By: HondaCivNos98
Date: 12/22/2004
yo my gurl has a 99 accord, i was wondering what lights those are.... write back to me later

Posted By: jkjllkloijkl
Date: 11/07/2004
The front is awesome but the back.... looks bad, take that wing off. And take those lights out. Just my suggestion if you like it keep it.

Posted By: Daishi
Date: 02/09/2004
Please god.... my mom'd bonestock 98 EX 4 door could whoop your ass. This is like a premature show car. No Accord will ever race, but if you actually do the stuff mentioned in the future mods, it might be a decent show car. As for now... HMMMM I WONDER IF ITS AN ACCORD. It has what.... a Honda emblem stuck on the wheel, one behind the license plate, Accord written a couple 4 times on the back, and you're repping the VTEC, even though that 4 cylinder Accord engine is packing ECONO-Vtec for good gas mileage, not power. I bet this thing dominated minivans and Geo Metro's on the streets though.