1993 Honda Civic Si
Owner: Eric Massicotte (93 si GSR)
Date Added: 12/18/2002
Date Updated: 01/30/2003
Ride Specs

B17 A1 DOHC VTEC from a GSR 1993
with GSR ecu
Ractive Short Ram Intake
Tech Racing exaust
Ractive Coil overs
Ractive headers
Ractive Full cat-back exhaust


Sparco sprint racing seat
Momo stearing wheel
Short Shifter


Xenon front bumper
PiaaFog lights
Ractive M3 mirrors
Clear corner lens
Half red half clear tails


ASA 17" Chrome mag wrapped in Yokohama A520 205/40ZR17


All round vented/sloted disc brakes
Ractive coil over set giving approx 3" drop
front strut tower bar


4 12" Diesel Audio subs
2 Diesel NS-8000 amp (800 watts)
2 Diesel NS-6004 amp (600 watts)
L.E connector Gold wiring
Clarion Radio
Pioneer DEQ-7600 Equalizer in the dash on the passenger side
Alpine alarm system

Future Mods

Side skirts
Rear wing(not aftermarket,,,CUSTOM)
Big audio upgrade be on the look out on the website www.types.ca

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 10/17/2005
thats not a del sol.... its a 92-95 hatchback

Posted By: stillmatic
Date: 08/06/2004
i would like to seee the motor....hard as hell to find...and if u got it ...thats tight......better then the b18 gsr's ......