1998 Honda Civic
Owner: Jason (Slammd98C5)
Date Added: 01/08/2003
Date Updated: 01/08/2003
Ride Specs

H22 Comin at ya soon!




VIS Racing Body Kit, Wicked Headlights , APR Aluminum Wing


18in Racing Hart C5's Wrapped In Nitto 450's 215/35/18


Skunk 2 Coilovers w/ Koni Adjustables


Premier CD Player, 8in Acclevision Screen with DVD Player

Future Mods

H22 All Motor!

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 03/13/2006
am really not into bodykits but i cant lie your car looks very nice good job keep it up

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 02/08/2006
clean civic...Just take down that spoiler... a lil too ricey... Mad props on the rest...!

-Chris Styles

Posted By: blackek4
Date: 01/17/2006
nicely put together, lower the wing a little bit cuz i think it take all the attention away from everything eles, and if u wanna go for h22 go for it i have b18c1 w/o AC and window are down !!! who need AC ?!!! hahah

Posted By: inferno
Date: 10/22/2005
yeah id save my money for a B-series than an H-series they will cost about the same to rebuild anyways

Posted By: frombloodtosnow
Date: 04/02/2005
H22? Pretty ambitious... let me know what it's like to drive in the summer w/o AC or power steering... I'm not saying your car is bad, I think it's awesome. I LOVE the C5s, they look sick. But maybe you shoud look into a b16 or b18c1 instead.

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 09/14/2004
Grocery cart spoiler

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/11/2004
Wing needs to go, and the headlights need to go, your car isnt a bug :D get rid of those and it'll be a nice clean ride

Posted By: moddedbya1auto
Date: 12/23/2003
looks great!

Posted By: tag
Date: 09/14/2003
nice civic but lose the wing.