1996 Honda Accord
Owner: Chris Colon (Crucianman73)
Date Added: 02/01/2003
Date Updated: 04/10/2006
Ride Specs

AEM Cold Air V2
DC Sport Ceramic Headers
Tanabe Exhaust
Arospeed Strut Bar
Nakayama Chrome Oil Cap


Carbon Fiber Gear Shift
Sony Slim PS2
6 Inch Monitor


Black Euro clear lense all around
Black Projector Headlights with dual Halo's


17 inch RS Limited wrapped in Kumho Tires size 205/40/17


Eibach Pro Kit 1.2 Front 1.2 rear.
OBX Camber Kits


Panasonic CQ-C8100U
Rockford Punch 500 subwoofer amplifier
2 12' inch Kicker Competition Subs
Sony Xpload 3 ways in the Front Doors
6x9 Sony Xploads in the Rear
2 Tweeters
Lojack tracking system
Alarm System with Kill switch
Fuel Shutoff Kill Switches

Future Mods

Rear wing spoiler
20% Tint all Around
Removal of Pin Stripe
Removal of window guards
18 inch Black Riax Seca Tuner Wheels with Polished Lip. With 225 40 17 inch tires

Posted By: Crucianman73
Date: 05/21/2006
Car has been traded in for an 2002 Acura TL..Will miss my Honda Accord..

Posted By: nspec
Date: 05/20/2006
hey man. nice accord. very clean.

check out mine too.

Posted By: VImassive
Date: 03/08/2006
Is YOU...lol i live to race.....Where u @> I in atl

Posted By: VImassive
Date: 02/07/2006
My boy ur car lookin criss.....Keep it up, Bless Up

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 10/02/2005
yea its def loud..hah thats the reason i put on there, i love it

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 09/19/2005
yea...go with JL...look at my system

Posted By: MWRichardson00
Date: 09/18/2005
bad @ss amp....check out mine

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/26/2005
nice cord yo, check my vic

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/25/2005
hey bro yeah i got tons of new pics of my work but, did u painted ur 3rd brake light piece white? and is the lens on that clear im tryign to find a clear lens for it i know one accord in this side has it and its a chick too i comment her about hwo she got it but she never responded back :( so i was trying to find some ways to make it clear but if i cant find a way oh well ill get tinted windows some day so not as important but id sure like to still have it clear and btw i painted mine black so ill get some more pics of it tho alright well peace

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/22/2005
it looks good man. nice rims good for getting rid of the chrome rims tho now it looks like a bad boy LOL, could u get an engine pic and interior too and when did u take the pics ? it seems kinda dark or something (not night but) jsut seems a bit dark but any ways yeah keep it up and im still working on my car now almost getting the dash out to get em painted bllllllllllllllllllllllllllack! and so on so yeah peace!

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 07/24/2005
Ahh hey theres goes my old car nice work man now i can see hwo my old car is going shes looing freat :-p lol well hey nice ride man keep it up imstillworking onmy car just tryign to decideif i should paint it flat black n take my doormolding off soon i just dunno when ill do it but checkmy ride out tho not sure if u did but yeah alright keep it up peace

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/29/2004
yeah... im not liking the rims, but other than that the car looks pretty good

Posted By: Crucianman73
Date: 03/18/2004
The MTX sound good as ever but I want some JL's my self. I'll get some JL's this summer. 2 12inch JL's and also a 4 way alpine amp to add to the Punch series amp I currently have. That puch amp I got is off the chain.. It makes any speaker scream..

Posted By: Jayzride
Date: 03/12/2004
I had 3 tens once but they were JL audio. I loved them. but I sold them to upgade. How do you like the mtx sound?

Posted By: Crucianman73
Date: 01/16/2004
Thanks!!! I'm working on getting some more photos

Posted By: 19accord96
Date: 01/15/2004
nice ride post some interior pics and engine

Posted By: Crucianman73
Date: 09/27/2003
I think this ride is smooth...

Posted By: JDMaccordH22A
Date: 09/12/2003
loose tha chromes dude...this aint a mercedes, escelade, or tahoe...loose em and get some light weight black spoon rims

Posted By: pissedoffsol
Date: 09/09/2003
got Snowflakes?