1998 Acura Integra Type-R
Owner: Brant Proden (kuruptracing)
Date Added: 01/30/2003
Ride Specs

DC sports headers
Zex nitrous kit w/2 bottles
Zex spark plugs
MSD spark plug wires
MSD Sport Compact Ignition
AEM fuel rail
AEM fuel pressure regulator
GREDDY full catback exhaust


2001 type-r shift boot
2001 type-r shift knob
levok pedals
fire extinguisher
R1 air/fuel guage
R1 oil pressure guage
R1 control module
Zex nitrous guage
Fuel pressure guage


Extreme Front
Wings west side skirts
Wings west real velance
Tinted windows
Front clear corners
Piaa turnsignal and parking lights
Nokya lowbeams
Generation 2 altezza tailights
Street Glow Neons (RED)
Strobe kit


17 in. VOLK AV'3s
TOYO Tires


H&R springs
Stock Type-R brakes


Alpine Deck
2 12 in. Polk DB's
Fosgate Amb

Future Mods

Turbo kit
New pistons and rods
ARP head studs
MUGEN headgasket
Sparco seats
Sparco steering wheel
In dash tv/dvd player

Posted By: elmasqueronka07
Date: 08/27/2006
Very nice type r. I wish my car looke half as good as that yours

Posted By: CD5acrd
Date: 07/24/2006
loose those ugly tailights and put the body back to stock.

Posted By: Redline96LX
Date: 12/09/2005
the Integra Type-R has no respect. Ever talked to a Type-R owner in person? There *****s who think there car is faster than anything on the planet. There such pricks, they might as well part it out and buy a BMW.

Ok, so the taillights are a bit off, but its got a nice drop and a clean engine bay. At least he doesnt have those stupid slipstreams. He put effort into makin it look better, rather than "JDM".

I like your car, its pretty cool. The body kit is a bit agressive, but nice rims, showin off the big ass brakes, haha.

Date: 10/19/2005
thanx 4 killing a perfectly nice type r

Posted By: Integra Type R
Date: 03/13/2005
you can go search and look for an integra type R and find 2 : 1 of them has every thing except the interior anf the exterior modified. and the other one has the same kind of upgrades in the engine but this one has cheap "IS300" tail lights with some aftermarket rims.
now you tell me, wich one is worth more. (kinda like musclecars, the mroe original, the more $$$$$$$$$$$)

Posted By: Barry
Date: 10/10/2004
Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think your car is tight as hell!

Posted By: frombloodtosnow
Date: 08/03/2004
Yeah... hate to say it but the rims look kinda dumb, so does the type r sticker... looks ricey. However, the rest is AWESOME - wish I had something like that... ;)

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 07/10/2004
yeah i dont like the rims or that giant type r sticker besides for that i like it

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 02/24/2004
way to destroy a perfectly good type r!

Posted By: SIVTEC
Date: 02/22/2004
Change the Rims. Other than that your car Rocks!