1995 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Ryan Behrens (JDMaccordH22A)
Date Added: 09/14/2003
Date Updated: 01/01/1970
Ride Specs

Nuthin Yet...But Comin Soon...

*6 Spd. Tranny
*Jackson Racing SuperCharger
*Full HKS Exhaust
*JE Pistons
*Spoon Cam Gears
*Titanium Valves
*Light Weight Cam Shafts
*Light Weight CrankShaft
*MSD Ignition
*Mugen Valve Cover (Blue)
*Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
*More To Come...


Nothin Yet...But Comin Soon...

*Black Carpet
*Carbon Fiber HeadLiner
*Type-R SRS Steering Wheel
*Custom Blue "H" Center Cap For Steering Wheel
*Sparco Blue and Black Racing Seats
*Short Shifter
*Mugen Shift Knob and Shift Boot
*Black Painted Dash
*White Face Gauges
*Blue and White Accents Through Interior
*More To Come...


Nothin Yet...But Comin Soon...

*ChampionShip Type-R White Paint
*Mugen Carbon Fiber Lips (Front/Rear)
*Mugen Carbon Fiber Skirts (Sides)
*JDM Black Housing 1-Piece HeadLights
*JDM Half Red/Half White Taillights
*Low Profile SI Spoiler
*Carbon Fiber Hood
*Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
*Mugen Body Graphics
*More To Come...


Nothin Yet...But Comin Soon...

*Black Spoon Rims 16.5" Front, 17" In Rear
*Konig Traffiks, Black W/Polished Lip, 17"In Front, 17.5" in rear
*Low Profile Nitto or Toyo Tires
*Volk Gram Lights 17" In Front, 17.5" In Rear


Nothin Yet...But Comin Soon...

*Still Decidin On A Suspension Set-Up
*Endless 6-Pot Calipers All Tha Way Around (Bye-Bye Rear Drum Brakes)
*5-Lug Pattern Conversion (Distant Future)
*More To Come...


HeHe...Actually Have Somethin Here....

*Aiwa Hidden Face Head Unit
*2 12" JL Audio Subs In Tha Trunk
*1200 Watt JL Audio Amp
*4 6 1/2" 3-Way Pioneer Speakers, One For Each Door

Future Mods

HeHe...Already Typed This...Look Up....

Posted By: nspec
Date: 05/30/2006
looks good. where is the h22 man? sold the car already

Posted By: ucmugenaccord
Date: 03/14/2006
i have a wings west w type kit for your car same color too. front lip and side skirts. u interested in buying?

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 10/18/2004
heh .....interesting feed backs from everyone.... ahh nice car dude tho but *cries* " it looks like what i used to have ...." heh oh well i got a nicer clear title one now whew! but any of u who looks at my car please give me some ideas or tips ok ? thanks

Posted By: 94accordex
Date: 04/01/2004
Uh yeah...good point there SlowFSeries...what's up with wanting a 6-speed tranny? Do you even have any idea what you are talking about? I'd really like to know what transmission you are planning to use...as far as I know, there are no 6-speed manual tranny's that will bolt up to an H-series motor...the closest thing that I can think of that comes in a 6-speed is the tranny that goes with a K24, and it won't work because it spins in the opposite direction of the engine you want to bolt it to...yeah...methinks you are dreaming here buddy...your plans sound real nice, but until you post some pics up of some of this crap actually bolted to your car, don't be expecting a whole lot of respect from anybody...that's just my two cents worth...

Posted By: SlowFSeries
Date: 03/30/2004
damn dude...good plans with the exception of the 6 spd tranny(why?)...Your plans are gonna cost you like 20k man id feel stupid spending that on an accord

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 03/15/2004
yes this is a STOCK accord. Why post stock cars.? I would be ashamed of myself. Ooo a little ice? ice isnt much work. get this stock accord going!!!

Posted By: stempy
Date: 10/23/2003
yo man this is kagan nice ride cant wait till our team gets good then well own who said four door ff cars suck

Posted By: 94accordex
Date: 09/20/2003
I totally agree with Hondacivicexboy, this car is completely stock except for some stereo equipment. It does not deserve the rating it has been given

And JDMaccordH22, I don't really follow your logic. We are not rating the cars on "what they could be," we are rating them on their current condition, and this one is currently bone stock and it deserves a 1 in everything except for audio. If we were rating cars on what they "could be," then shouldn't every car on here recieve a perfect score?!?

Posted By: JDMaccordH22A
Date: 09/20/2003
because maybe, just maybe, they take the car for what it could bee fo0...stop lookin at tha outside rice boy and see wut will be done...

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 09/19/2003
THIS CAR IS STOCK...... why do you ppl rate a stock car anything but a 1 ... AGH