1995 Honda Civic Hatchback
Owner: Jason Parreno (jay_sin)
Date Added: 09/18/2003
Date Updated: 09/24/2003
Ride Specs

Matrix R 4-1 Header
custom intake
Ericks Racing 70mm Throttle Body
Ported Type R Intake Manifold
RC Engineering 440cc Injectors
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Filter
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
RS Machining P&P B16A Head
Portflow Dual Race Valve Springs
Portflow Retainers
Crower 63403 All Motor Drag Race Profile Cams
Skunk 2 Cam Gears
KG Engineering 2.0L B18B1 block [bored to 84mm]
JE 10.8:1 Pistons [i need higher compression lol ;p]
Eagle H-Beam Rods
Balanced Crank
ACT Full Face Clutch
ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate
Hondata Stage 3 with Ericks Custom Programming for 440cc injectors


96 GSR Integra Front & Rear Seats
Pivot Racing Tachometer and i think thats it? lol


Carbon Fiber Hood


Stock 2000 Type R Silver Rims with 205/50R-15" Falken Azenis [Street]
Bogart Drag-On Fly Classic Stars 15x8 with M&H 15x8x22 Slicks [Track]


Stock 2000 Type R 5 lug conversion
Ground Control 1000lb Rate Springs [Rear]
Ground Control 750lb Rate Springs [Front]
Stock Type R Shocks


No Audio in this car, lol

Future Mods

Quaiffe LSD
Hasport Motor Mounts
JE 12.8:1 Pistons
RS Machining Knife Edged Crank
Water Injector =)
TWM Individual Throttle Bodies

Posted By: b18mario95
Date: 12/16/2006
wanna race? let me know!!

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 03/23/2006
hey wats up ive been having some problems recognizing a 2000 type r motor engine from japan it reads on the block 18 c is that right or is this a diffrent motor anything u know will help me out thanks

Posted By: CTr_Nemesis
Date: 02/27/2006
with all that you are only putting down 197 whp? hm.....

Posted By: b18mario95
Date: 07/19/2005
i see LS VTEC NOT CRV VTEC... b18b is ls not crv

Date: 03/05/2005
how many HP do you have? 0-60 mph? becuse this car its fast!!

Posted By: manny
Date: 06/14/2004
nice hatch!

Posted By: xxllskillzxx
Date: 03/02/2004
mean car ill give ya a race

Posted By: crxtunerfan
Date: 02/24/2004
hi Jason! its Gabe (formerly from HS). i gave your ride all 5's. glad to see its inthe top 10! take it easy man.

Posted By: integ-gsr
Date: 10/30/2003
hmm a little civic a 2.0ls and some 10.8:1 compression vroom :) nice

Posted By: NEneo0
Date: 09/28/2003
it seem slike it goes fast... but it dont look right

Posted By: LudeToAHatch
Date: 09/26/2003
tight ride G... wanna race? ;)

Posted By: rsaeini
Date: 09/25/2003
looks like you got 5's accross the board from someone...now let me think...who could that have been. j/k.
nice ride.

Posted By: The Alchemist
Date: 09/24/2003
hell yeah!! i love this car. it's fast for NA. keep it up.

Posted By: elserfo
Date: 09/23/2003
nice set up... i like the 5 lug conversion with the type r wheels... right now i'm looking into an ls engine so i can eventually do the ls/vtec conversion also... check out my hatch and drop me a line...

Posted By: ForceFedZ32
Date: 09/22/2003