1992 Honda Accord lx
Owner: ivan blancas (ivan)
Date Added: 10/03/2003
Date Updated: 03/24/2005
Ride Specs

tenzo R intake




full black widow body kit
clear corner and bumper lights
custom yellow paint


bridgstone with motegi mr 7


arospeed coilovers adjustable springs


kenwood cd player

Future Mods

racing seats
indiglow gauges
on-dash tv

Posted By: vtecaznracer
Date: 04/24/2004
thanks for the comments. the kit looks good. i used to have the BW kit also, but the yellow paint job, im not feeling. i guess its too bright for me. anyway, keep up the good work.

Posted By: Mr jiggy fly
Date: 04/22/2004
Hey, your car inspired mines when I first bought it. Notice how your car and my car have similar features. Nice car, keep up yhe good work!

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 02/07/2004
not bad overall...i think you need something for the trunk tho because its a light colored car...whether it be the oem wing or the little plastic lip they sell on ebay now...just something to tie up the back because the black widow rear bumper is a big boxy for this gen accord...other than that i really like it...keep up the good work...

Posted By: ivan
Date: 02/06/2004
its got an apexsi cat back

Posted By: 11111
Date: 02/06/2004
Good work with the car. You have created a unique 4th Gen. I would sugggest getting red/clear taillights and maybe a header and exhaust if you want a little more ummf.

Posted By: SweetHonda24
Date: 02/04/2004
save some money and get an h22a swap

Posted By: cobbcustomz
Date: 01/24/2004
big time improvement. i was gonna be a hater based on the first picture but after i saw the finished product Nice work. any other plans for mods?

Posted By: Daishi
Date: 12/15/2003
The paint did a world of wonder for you. Good job. It's amazing how a body kit and paint can COMPLETELY change the look of a car. That's what I'm planning for my Civic, changing from Milano Red to a deep shiny black.