1994 Honda Civic DX
Owner: Nadine (civicxgurl)
Date Added: 10/03/2003
Date Updated: 10/07/2003
Ride Specs

Slow stock 4 cylinder engine.
Cold Air Intake
Speedchip (not yet installed)


Aluminum Dash Kit (not yet installed)


HID Definition Headlights
Clear Euro Tail Lights
Clear Corner Lights
BG2 Slant Exhaust Tip


13" Eagle Rims
Not sure on Tires (see pic)




Pioneer Deck
Pioneer 150 watt 2 ways all around
See comments

Future Mods

Need to upgrade bad on the rims. Most likely some 17s.
Purple is a little out don't you think? Yeah, I'm saving up for a navy blue paint job.
Soon enough I will have time to install the Aluminum dash kit.
I'm also hoping that I will lower it a couple inches after I get the wheels put on.
Maybe a body kit of some sort or atleast a lip to match the color.
Fog lights on the future body kit or just mount them on the stock front bumper would look nice.

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 11/16/2005
clean! like ur future mods. . . purple looks nice n 17's wud look really perfect for ur civic. (",) just don't over do it with body kits that looks like a space ship hehe. n btw get rid of the chromed alteeza's. overall, i like it!

Posted By: trishyscivic95
Date: 08/08/2005
personally, i like the purple. its girly. we need to represent.