2001 Honda S2000
Owner: Phil (S2000COM)
Date Added: 10/28/2003
Date Updated: 10/28/2003
Ride Specs



- Muz Roof Well Mat
- Coastal Metals Dead Pedal
- Headrest Wind Blockers
- Mobile Support


- Gears Front Spoiler
- Honda Silver Hardtop
- Honda Rear Spoiler
- Clear Sidemarkers


- Mille Miglia Evo 18'' Wheels




- Head Unit : Alpine CDA-7852R
- Amplifier : Audison Millennium Power 2
- CD Changer :Alpine CHA-S624
- Speakers : Focal Utopia 165 W
- Tweeter : Focal Utopia TN 51
- Adapter Alpine KCE-865B

Future Mods


Posted By: Nasty_Naz
Date: 01/09/2007
Man I love this car so much. V-Tec engine have never failed yet, not only fast but reliable. This car has so many revs and then some. I want to buy one soon once I get rid of the civic.

Posted By: Micro00613
Date: 09/11/2005
Hey Phil,
Thats a really nice S2k. I saw the videos on s2000.com and I was just blown away....I was wondering what songs you had in the background on your two videos? Could you drop me an e-mail? My adderss is thevigilante13@hotmail.com
-Thanks, Mike

Posted By: boricuaL3
Date: 07/14/2005
Why on earth is a nice car like that out in the winter? Loving it anyways, keep it clean. Peace

Posted By: d@vid
Date: 05/21/2004
Nice, clean, nothing crazy and major!!! Best looking S200 I've ever seen. I love it!!!