1995 Acura Integra GSR-Turbo
Owner: Adam Tarbox (Macadonious)
Date Added: 11/04/2003
Date Updated: 11/15/2003
Ride Specs

· Moroso extra capacity oil pan
· New GSR crank
· Darton closed deck sleeves
· Crower rods
· JE pistons
· Total seal rings
· Comstic high boost head gasket
· Crower turbo cams
· Crower valve springs and Titanium retainers
· Skunk2 cam gears
· RC 550cc injectors
· AEM fuel filter, rail & pressure regulator
· JG Edlebrock Victor X intake
· MSD pro cap, plug wires, blaster SS coil & ignition box
· GM 3 bar map sensor
· Greddy 18G turbo kit w/front mount intercooler piping
· Greddy BOV
· Y80 turbo tranny w/Quaif LSD
· Earl’s steel braided fuel lines
· Nokya chrome spark plug wire cap
· Machine shop work by Eagle Machine
· Hondata tuned by Ed Senf
· http://driveshaftshop.com stage 5 axles & hubs 700hp
· Clutch Master stage 4 clutch and Aluminum flywheel
· New 255lph fuel pump
· AEM pulley kit
· Unorthodox crank pulley
· Fluidyne Radiator


Leather seating in black and silver aluminum trim. Type R Knob and Type R Grip pedals. E-01 GReddy boost controller.


All stock...Sleeper look


· Velox VX-8 wheels-17x7 205/40-17


· Wildwood 13.3 inch cross drilled and slotted front brakes w/ Q type pads on 4 piston caliper
· Steel braided brake lines
· Brembo stock size cross-drilled rear disc w/ Axis pads
· Front & rear DC upper strut bars
· Blstien struts & coilovers (ture coilovers)


Alpine Head/CD changer and Pioneer Speakers

Future Mods

More suspension work and tuning

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 06/23/2006

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 02/08/2006
dmn this is a clean integra making good horsepower to d@mn cant wait to get my gsr

check mine

Posted By: j
Date: 02/05/2005
awsome setup, amazing numbers, badass teg

Posted By: IronMaN
Date: 09/19/2004
so all you guys call me a hater but you just agree with hondacivicexboy? we're thinkin the same friggin thing, judge the cars honestly!!!!

Posted By: TLS_GSXR_EG6
Date: 09/19/2004
good setup man, OEM crank, closed deck + darton sleeves u knew what u were doing, keep up the good work man.....

Posted By: xclusive
Date: 08/23/2004
check out my civic when you get a chance.

Posted By: TETVTEC
Date: 08/08/2004
Hey.. Nice Ride... But id throw away that Greddykit and go for a Full Race kit instead.. then you would be making 500+ crank hp on 19 psi, and not only 356hp... check out my ride also... See yaa..

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 07/25/2004
oh my gosh peepee in my panties that is a GREAT TEG

Posted By: dc2turbo
Date: 06/21/2004
Great motor setup

Posted By: bjl7051
Date: 06/17/2004
nice job man....too many integras on here that ARENT riced out! gotta love sleeping!

Posted By: Hondafan04
Date: 04/13/2004
I agree with hondacivicexboy..., All categories should be judged individually. You have by far the best damn engine on this side the Mississippi but you don't really care about interior and speakers. Don't worry about the haters but you can't expect to get a 5 on interior or exterior because you know you don't deserve it. But I like your car and it sets a great example for high class performance honda products. Your car so nice if you willing to come to Atlanta I'll pay to have your interior done myself.

Posted By: The Lude
Date: 02/26/2004
Sweet ass ride man. like the rims

Posted By: ITRMike
Date: 02/23/2004
I totally agree with HondacivicexBoy. This is a fast car, but get off this guys nuts.

Posted By: ITRMike
Date: 02/23/2004
A 5 on the exterior??? Ughh ok.
Awesome motor!

Posted By: levinboi
Date: 02/13/2004
yes! finally, a car that isnt a ricer on this site. hey dude, plz plz dont even think about a body kit!
mysterious outside, raw power inside. that'll shut up any stupid ricer thinkin of racin u. remember dont be a ricer with this baby. it would be a big waste of beauty and power.
AND if u do...ill hunt u down!!

Posted By: accordtunerx
Date: 02/06/2004
you should get a carbon fiber hood, lighten up that front end a bit. it'd look great with the wheels too. nice buildup though! 310 whp is impressive.

Posted By: xclusive
Date: 01/15/2004
WOW. nice performnce mods! Check out my car and let me know what you think. http://hondashowoff.com/profile.php?id=3324

Posted By: lowrider
Date: 01/04/2004
very nice piece of kit adam!!! Love the wolf in sheeps clothing idea. My dad's got a '99 integra type-R with a DC Sports DAC system on it, i think i'll have to show him this and try to coax him to 'breathe on it' a little bit more eh? Sweet ride man, keep it up!!! (Hope to be treating my civic to a turbo setup soon) See Ya!!

Posted By: honda04civic
Date: 12/29/2003
TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your car, I love all sleepers I give you all 5's for turbo, I think that is awesome audio!!

Posted By: Macadonious
Date: 11/15/2003
I like to thank HatchetWorrior for his input. You are right, this is a sleeper and i have done as much as I could to get rid of wieght and not add any. I currently weigh in at 2860lbs with me in the car(180lbs) at the local recyling center.(free to weigh)

HondacivicexBoy, you too are right. I understand why ppl give me a low rank on my exterior, interior, and audio. They expect a body kit, jucied up audio and cutom interior. I like all that, but it will not help me on the street, or in auto X, that i race it in.

Posted By: Tigress
Date: 11/14/2003
haha onlya 3.5 on the engine, huh? what the hell more do u want the dude to do to his motor? perfect example of the haters who vote everyone else all 1s to help their own car get ranked

Posted By: HatchetWarrior1
Date: 11/14/2003
in response to civicexboy: i gave the exterior 5 bc its a sleeper and thats how it should look. the audio got a 5 bc he doesnt have any subs or anything, i.e. no unnecessary weight. this is the kind of car that gives Hondas a good name. itll smoke most anything on the street, whereas most of these other cars would lose to a minivan

Posted By: KraZyFr0G
Date: 11/14/2003
haha very nice car!

Posted By: Honda530
Date: 11/14/2003
love the engine work, and love the rims too, ive got the same ones on my accord:)

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 11/13/2003
why does this car have such a high exterior and audio rating!?!?
come on people.. yes i gave his engine a 5 too but rate each category individualy... a very kick a** engine doesnt make the exterior rating go up thats why the categoris are seperate so the average rating can reflect the car as a whole...damn thats a sweet engine man...

Posted By: Macadonious
Date: 11/10/2003
Please email me at the email address provided at the top of the page if you have any questions.

Posted By: HatchetWarrior1
Date: 11/07/2003
oh ya, and how much boost r u pushing? AND do u still have the stock wastegate? sorry for all the questions...but i have the same kit so im curious what u did

Posted By: 11111
Date: 11/07/2003
Nice car, I love what You've done with the engine. I like the sleeper idea too. That is what i'm going for. If you want even more speed, you should pull the power steering and a.c., only if you are willing to loose those luxuries though.

Posted By: HatchetWarrior1
Date: 11/05/2003
niiice car. i really really like this. do u still have the small little downpipe that came with the kit? also, did u do that 12.7 on street tires?