1997 Honda Accord SE
Owner: Mohammed (Mohammed_A)
Date Added: 11/11/2003
Date Updated: 02/12/2004
Ride Specs





R33 Front Lip (CRACKED)
BuddyClub Sides & Rear (CRACKED)
Elegance Tail Lights
Custom Dual Exhaust
Daytona Blue Custom Paint


18" Polo Limited Chrome


H & R


JVC Deck
2 MTX Thunder (280 Watt Each) (SOLD)
3 10" JL W3's (SOLD)

Future Mods

JTCC EVO II full kit on the way
GS Style Tail Light Conversion
Alpine In-Dash Tv
Dvd/Cd/Mp3 Player
ALL New stereo

Posted By: Samie
Date: 02/26/2007
nice whip man...

Posted By: juanmartinez5
Date: 06/30/2004
Nice ride!

Posted By: Jayzride
Date: 03/12/2004
sick ride. are you going to lower it? check out this carbon fiber. let me know what you think?

Posted By: 19accord96
Date: 01/15/2004
nice ride dude i love the kit and the paint. the rims are awesome i think they totally fit the color. how much u pay for the rims?? and where u get em??

Posted By: Tsuwabuki
Date: 11/25/2003
Not digging the bling bling, but otherwise I really like the color and the kit. I'm a bit worried about your lack of engine mods, but if you're going for all-show, that's fine. Just make sure people know it, that way they don't hate on you.

Posted By: puckzero
Date: 11/15/2003
you have an f22b2 sohc non-vtec engine m8.... it has 130hp and 139 ft.lb tq. The reason it "eats" gas, is because you have a small ass gas tank and reving it to redline and gunning it all the time tends to "eat" it even more.

Posted By: puckzero
Date: 11/12/2003
I didn't know they made the SE in a V6.... but I love the paint and the taillights, those are what I shall be getting... put some pics of your engine and interior man...