1994 Honda Civic Ex
Owner: Bobby (lostsoul)
Date Added: 11/22/2003
Date Updated: 03/19/2006
Ride Specs

Greddy SP2 Exaust
MSD Spark Plug Wires
ACT Street Clutch


DC Sports Short Shifter
1990 Acura Integra seats


Black Housing Headlighs and Corner Lights
Carbon Fiber L.E.D Tailights


15" Rota Slipstream wheels
Falken Ziex 205/50/15


TEIN SS Dampers

Brembo Front Crossed-Drilled Rotors


Kenwood MP-925 Kenwood 6.5 in front
JBL 6.5 in back
Fosgate tweeters
DHD Woofer
Kenwood 350 watt 4 channel highs and mids
Kenwood 300 watt 2 channel to woofer
Kenwood 10 Disc CD Changer
I know its crap but it sounds smooth im not into too much bass.

Future Mods

Shes gone. went into the rear axel of a dodge ram.

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 01/04/2007
see what happens when u think your speed racer.

Posted By: D15_ferio
Date: 11/03/2006
yo, if your selling any parts for cheap, hit me up. By the way, you had a clean car there before the accident. I had a black coupe that was lost to an accident as well :/ accidents suck

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/20/2006
awe man. That sucks. Ur car was one of the cleanest looking one on this site. U should sell the parts and get a newer car. But any ways, sorry to hear about what happened. Check out my car too.

Posted By: horrse
Date: 03/14/2006
wowo looks awesome, the only thing i don't like is the tail lights. otherwise, it's awesome.

Date: 05/05/2005
just look a shadow , i like cool

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 12/09/2004

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 10/25/2004
what motor??? what motor?? :D

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 10/24/2004
i finally got it all straightened out. she runs like a bute!

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 10/21/2004
car is getting new motor put in rightnow the other blew havent had my car for 2 weeks now should be ready by this saturday, god its a pain.

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 10/19/2004
same as always! i've been around...

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 10/12/2004
sweet, new pics!

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 10/10/2004
word up bro. sorry to hear that your rides out sick...

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 09/23/2004
I want Your TEINS ,I cant wait to get some .And paint ,that will be next week :o)

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 09/05/2004
YAY TEINS damn these things are awesome

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 09/05/2004
how is that v2 cai workin out fo ya? i was thinking about getting one myself..

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/30/2004
hey man, i gotta agree wif ur cuz... the cf hood is major pimpin!!!

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 08/30/2004
Oh yeah the TEINS are in i will post pics as soon as i can,
and of the new radio, nikki your such a sweetheart, sal you still suck but your my cousin so i guess your cool hahaha

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 08/30/2004
yo bob thanks for the compliment , your suspention kicks some serious ass , cant wait to see some pics of that onhere and you new kenwood radio is off the hook man. ur cousin Sal

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/30/2004
yay the new teins are in!!!!

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 08/22/2004
Looks good so far ,Are you doing anything with the headlights?They would look phat blacked out :-) Thats what im doing with my projection.

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 08/21/2004
car got broken into right in front of my house, bastards took my radio, tach and broadway mirror, im glad they didnt take anything else or the whole car.

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 07/31/2004
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 07/28/2004
Very clean 5th gen coupe. I like how the blacked clear corners look with the blacked headlights and blend the look of the front very well. I don't like Euro style tails generally, but your's actually do the car some good justice, so kudos there! Thanks for the comments on my ride, and keep up the good work!

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 07/27/2004
yo whats up bob now were talking your finally getting it!!! its about time..
yellow corner lights , gives it that jdm look.. not like everyone elses...

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 07/25/2004
OOOO pretty and clean!! i love when people do all-black hondas... they just look so right that way ;)

yeah, it's handy to be good with your hands *winks* for umm..... uh.. engine swaps.. yes.. ;)

Posted By: GODINGO
Date: 07/25/2004
hey man cool car , I really like the blackout turn signals,and the v2 intake,but i have a question for you does the v2 make a really big diff over the other kinds of intakes? because i was thinking of getting one.

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 07/18/2004
i love the rims :D

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 07/18/2004
yo whats up bobby your car finally kicks some ass with that v2 intake.. all you need is a carbon fiber hood to top your ride ... do it man im telling you !!!!!!

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 06/06/2004
ok new pics now you can see how crappy my car is

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/29/2004
hard to see some of the pictures, but the car looks pretty clean, nice rims!

Posted By: don't hate
Date: 05/27/2004
what's up with those pic

Posted By: hotrodsal
Date: 11/26/2003
Yo bobs whats up !!! dude your ride looks osoms!! keep up the good work.. peace

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 11/22/2003
I know my pics suck i will try to get some better ones up.