1993 Honda Civic HB.Si-GSR
Owner: ERIC CERNA (my97gsr)
Date Added: 11/24/2003
Date Updated: 12/12/2003
Ride Specs

1995 full gsr complete motor swap (usdm)
-gsr tranny
-gsr axels
-gsr ecu (spoon chip no redline)
AEM intake
dc 4-2-1 headers
no cat full custom exhaust- tunabe muffler
clutch master stage 2 clutch


Brand new re-dyed and carpeted interior
2 DND racing seats
2 4-point harnesses
removed back seats
5" Autometer tachometer
apexi VAFC controller


97' GSR custom paint job
shaved side moldings
shaved side skirts (hit a curb and cracked them)
mugen front lip, sideskirts, and rear bumper
spoon style carbon fiber wing
carbon fiberhood
black housing angel eye halo projector lights
black housing corner lights


97 gsr rims (also known as LS rims)
Nitto 450 extreme performance


skunk 2 coilovers


sony expolde deck

Future Mods

body work, bring my car into the low 13's high 12's either all motor or turbo, turbo would be cool, and keep as a daily driver

Date: 01/26/2008
nice ride i bet its quick

Posted By: eg6
Date: 12/04/2003
UggHhhh!!! I raced this guy about 2 weeks ago. He beat me by about 5-6 cars, so i guess it's allllright. Wanna run em again anytime soon? i got a surprise for u this time...