1993 Honda Accord
Owner: mike guess (riedell595)
Date Added: 02/16/2004
Date Updated: 02/16/2004
Ride Specs

Cold Air intake,Plug Upgrade,Looking into a turbo


Custom interior job (Blue and dark Grey),


New Paint Job,Black widdow body kit,Dual exhaust,Euro Tailights,White underglow,Clear Corner,Wiper Conversion


White MSR 17`s




Soon to have a indash 6 inch touch screen TV/CD/DVD/AMFM

Future Mods

Turbo charged,5 speed, New paint Job, Low Pro. Tires,shaved door handles and bodyline.

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 02/17/2004
Not a bad start overall, its coming along well...i think you need to do a little work on getting your front end squared away...i like the mesh in the big hole of the black widow, but i think i'd either put some more on the sides, or throw a set of fogs in the holes, they just show too much of the internals behind the bumper, i also think you need to do somethign with that front grill, if the stock grill doesn't fit, do something with the mesh, because the hole doesn't look that clean honsetly...i also think you should maybe work on your stance before you do any more exterior mods...there also the issue here about show car vs. performance...you seem to be going more show by listing shaving the moldings and such, but you also list a turbo, i think unless you plan to spend a boatload of money in this car, you might be better off choosing one path and going all out in that path, such as if you go show make the stock F22 look nice with like painting and chrome and such, and do up the body, or if you go for go, leave the body pretty much stock and turbo it...but i think if you do turbo, you're better off with the motor swap, because the F22 isn't a good motor to turbo compared to the H22, which is a better motor all around for performance...but it looks good, love the color and keep up the good work