1992 Honda Accord
Owner: Caleb Drake (supercreed2002)
Date Added: 03/17/2004
Date Updated: 03/18/2004
Ride Specs











As of now, I have an older Pieneer CD player with factory speakers that does pump out a lot of bass to the rear.

Future Mods

AeroTurbine Proformance Muffler, AEM Cold air intake system, a body kit(Not sure which one yet), new exaust system(including headers, Aerospeed Short Shift kit, ADR rims(DV-8 I think), and maybe a 2.3L V-tech Engine.

Posted By: aznpnoy
Date: 04/07/2006
their is so much you can do to your accord it almost feel like its endless, I also read that you want a 2.3 vtec motor in it ,just want to give you a heads up, if you were talking about the H series like the H22 or H23 I'd go with the H22 because it sounds like you want to have a vtec in your motor, unfortunately the H23 doesnt come with vtec. and youl be better of with H22 anyways. as you can see with my pics. I've done the H22a JDM swap. also make sure if you do shop for an H22 it should say H22a not H22a1 or any with a number after the A.because the H22a is jdm from japan and usually their used motor has around 40k because of emmision laws. but the H22a1 is from the us and we dont have the law here.If you have any Q, ask away.

Posted By: Mr jiggy fly
Date: 04/22/2004
looks like my car when I first started. check my car out.

Posted By: *necio*
Date: 03/18/2004
nice project car, in my hood theres a kid dat got 1 like urs gold with silver perl, he has the big mouth body kit and 18 inch black motegi rims n it looks perty streight you should look up those kits n see wa u think.. but thats just my opinion lol but nice car..