1986 Honda Accord Hatchback
Owner: Afif M. Hatta (damn2317)
Date Added: 05/04/2004
Date Updated: 05/04/2004
Ride Specs

1.8 litre SOHC 12v Carb System, K&N top mounted air filter, 10mm spark cables


Semi-bucket SSCUS front seats, PIVOT Baby Timer, Type-R gear knob


Custom exhaust muffler and pipes 2" front to rear, white halogen bulbs


15" RSpeed Alloy w Toyo Trampio 195/50


-Custom adjustable suspension using RX-7 shocks and sport springs.
-Cusco adjustable struts front, custom struts rear


Pioneer Single Dics w Amp, 2 piece 8" Subwoofer, front 2-way speakers,rear 3-way speakers

Future Mods

VTEC B18B engine, 2.5" exhaust pipes, 4-2-1 alloy exhaust manifolds, lightened flywheels, adjustable cam pulleys, high rpm cams, forged pistons, 2 pot master servo, 2-pot AP calipers, 14" disc brake front, 13" disc brake rear, oversized throttle, Defi meter set, V-AFC, 5" Apexi tacho black facelift, close ratio gearbox with short shifter.

Posted By: CD5acrd
Date: 11/07/2005
Thats a kool little old school Accord hatch. You don't see many Hondas from that era in good shape.

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 03/09/2005
n2m bad dude i had and 89 4door lxi i scrap today actualy tranny wasa gone
but there sick dude wish i stil had it

Posted By: shanomac
Date: 10/14/2004
really like to see someone reppin' the old school accord i have an '85 hatch myself but it still needs a lot of work looks good and dont worry about that interior mine is a nasty maroon color

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 09/01/2004
Hey! its the AE86!!!! ......oops wrong car lol ever watched Initial..D ? awsome jap cartoon! anyways niice ahh'cord ddint expect to see that gen in here but hella cool tho :-p

Posted By: prorepo
Date: 05/10/2004
I had an '85 'cord like this years ago , cool cars . the only thing i dont like is that putrid brown color in the interior - i think the designer aughta be shot 'eh . I love the seats , how about adding some black leather door panels , carpet , and dye the dash black - it would be trick ! Nice ride , keep up the good work

Posted By: UB3RSOLD47
Date: 05/05/2004
Nice old skool accord man, I like your Right Hand Drive.

Posted By: nozpwrdcrd2000
Date: 05/04/2004
Your accord is cool. Clean and original. I like it.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 05/04/2004
Yes, it is cool.

Posted By: reemo_2001
Date: 05/04/2004
I like the car man never seen an 86 hatch hooked up like that before.