1995 Honda Accord lx
Owner: mike a (1phataccord)
Date Added: 05/28/2004
Date Updated: 05/28/2004
Ride Specs

Intake, headers and exhaust. Not doing a lot till i get my H22 swap


Full Color change from tan to black and blue. Blue carpet and dash and everything is black otherwise. the cd player has been moved to pass. side and a 7 inch touch screen tv is going in its place. blue sparco steering wheel with the seats on the way


full body kit with the rear molded on. Shaved Trunk, door handles, side molding and ant. Carbon fiber w type hood.Spoon fenders and jdm black houseing headlights.



Enkei rs7 18's in black with nankang 215/35/18


Air ride with one viair 350 putting air into one 3 gallon tank and one five gallon tank. running all 3/8 line and smc valves. all going to blow jax cyclinder with tem switches.


Panasonic cqc8400u head unit with 8 disk changer . Four 6.5 jl audio mids and hi all around being powered by a jl 300/4 and Four jl 12w0 being power by a 500/1 in a fiberglass box in the back seat.

Future Mods

sparco siena seats
paint the car

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 03/26/2007

Posted By: clyde004
Date: 12/10/2006
blue primer? looks good, but how did u get the shine?and what did you use for the interior paint?

Posted By: JDM-K20DC-2
Date: 09/14/2006
very nice accord!! keep up the good work!

Posted By: stratijikal
Date: 07/27/2006
where did you get the shaving done? Im looking into shaving mine and am curious to about how much it will be. thanks

Posted By: mrjoker1us2
Date: 04/06/2006
niceeeee ride, come see my ride some time

Posted By: civicspeed888
Date: 02/01/2006
You must tell me where you got that interior dash.

Posted By: 92AccordLX
Date: 11/01/2005
looks SICKKKK, i love the color, everything looks awesome dude keep it up...check out my 92 if u get the chance, latez.

Date: 10/31/2005
dat is nice are those tha stock side skirts?cuz if they are they look nice

wat happen 2 ur panels tho?

Posted By: horrse
Date: 09/24/2005
damn very nice man.. either your very *****in tall or that accord is very *****in low.. or it could be both

Posted By: modifydaccord
Date: 09/23/2005
man, some people are stupid!!!...bro ur car is SICK! and whoever thinks u cant fit 4 twelves in an accord is obviously stuck in the 1800's and hasnt heard of fiberglass....i got 6 twelves in my accord and will post pics in my profile once all the smoothing and paint is finished. also fit 6 twelves in a 2door cavalier and 4 10's in my girls eclipse with 3 amps. so yeah anyway...mad props the car looks great! love the color very nice job.

Posted By: Daishi
Date: 01/02/2005
Cool.. not my style, but who cares. It's a modified Honda. With the modifications it has, you should do brakes. Maybe not BIG BIG brakes, but like, 4 wheel slotted disc or something.

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 11/07/2004
cool car. i wish it wasnt an auto though.but this ride is SIck1!!

Posted By: chukyp16
Date: 09/01/2004
put a pic of ur audio up cause 4 12 in jls in that car is not very likely. u wont have anyroom and way to much bass..... oh and get some covers of an accord for the inside of ur door... and altezza tails = worst idea ever anyway the rest looks good

Posted By: IronMaN
Date: 08/08/2004
Why would ya lie??? Those are....NOT SPOON SPORTS FENDERS. Spoon sports doesn't make fenders, those are probably APC.

Posted By: juanmartinez5
Date: 06/05/2004
THat is a nice accord!

Date: 05/29/2004
all i have to say is....that's one sick ass accord! nice job

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/29/2004
hurry up with the paint!! heheh what color are you gonna paint it?