1995 Acura Integra 4 door
Owner: Vijay (vtech)
Date Added: 06/02/2004
Date Updated: 06/02/2004
Ride Specs

1.8 dohc stock




lowered with koni coilover






pionner deh-6500 head unit, alpines in the door and the rear
2-12's in the trunk with aura 800 watt amp and sony 300 watt

Future Mods

supercharger. and body kit, maybe a paint job, change the color to blue.

Posted By: vtech
Date: 04/16/2012
after 11 years of owning the car i sold it. hope full the new owner will take care of it. no off to the next project? another teg? maybe. will post what ever i do.

Posted By: CD5acrd
Date: 03/21/2006
Real clean Integra 4door..... In my humble opinion don't do the body kit or change the color. It's a pretty rare color and looks real good. If you do insist on a body kit though get one that is subtle and doesn't clash with the lines of the car. Keep up the good work.

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 02/11/2006
nice color and rims.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/18/2004
nice Teg my best friend has same kinda car its in the pic in my profile so check his out but its not much veiwable. u gunna get some more pics? lets see the engine :-p

Posted By: Gumby99integ
Date: 06/25/2004
Wow that is a lot of TAN. But good start so far. Are you going to change it to Steal-me Blue.

Posted By: biggins
Date: 06/16/2004
Nice lookin teg, wheels look very bigg for 17s

Posted By: r rated
Date: 06/05/2004
sweet air freshner