1989 Honda CRX SI
Owner: jason bonds (dtownrex420)
Date Added: 06/21/2004
Date Updated: 03/13/2006
Ride Specs

91 d16a6 si motor
ported and polished head
ported throttle body
ported intake manifold
jdm exhaust manifold
straight pipe 2 1/4
no convertor
n1 style muffler
stage 2 exedy clutch
heavy duty pressure plate
heavy duty clutch cable
cheap intake (doesnt belong on crx)sl3 lsd transmission


re wrapped del sol seats they were leather but thats all jacked up so they got rewrapped in black cotton with red stripes
grant gt carbon fiber steering wheel
carbon fiber e-brake handle
dc short throw
typr-r knob
type-r boot
gsr armrest
digital auto meter a/f guage
indiglo white faced gauges


body kit has been repaired molded all 4 corners now all i need is the pieces for the door and mold them and it will be complete as far as the body goes took the front bumper off and z3 fenders cause they are worthless fiberglass will post updated pics soon....(finally installed 91 oem fenders and 91 si oem front bumper) cleanest bumper other than si jdm
3 peice buddy club body kit
clear corners


16 inch enkeis gun metal
mix matched skins
bad suspension so needs to be repaired before new skins are purchased


cut springs
bad struts
stock brakes except for
oem brembo rotors and
vgx high heat brake pads


nice 200 watt pioneer unit
4 inch pioneer in the door two 12" audiobahn subs 1000 watt 1800 watt fosgate power amp
two six 1/2 fosgate powers in the back

Future Mods

turbo with enough boost to blow the motor then i will have a reason to pull this beast of a single cam very strong motor

Posted By: phixion
Date: 05/18/2006
Actually since I've been auto-Xing for 4 years now, i can tell you you're wrong. Let me explain why with 2 words... TURBO LAG! :) You see, once the boost kicks in you have to brake for the next turn and thus the spooling up is POINTLESS and wasted. N/A will ALWAYS prevail in auto-X, why do you think most nation champ cars are either N/A EF chassis hatchbacks, or Z06 Vettes? :) For someone being "so experienced in hondas" you should already know that. Reasearch some and get ot to an auto-X ask questions and check out some motors. What sounds good in a magazine or on paper isn't always the best in the REAL WORLD. B16 disadvantage is the weight differance for one. it's NOT faster, I see this proved time and time again everytime I auto-X and see the EF hatchbacks whomping up even on Vettes. I just laugh at people like you that are so misinformed and refuse to accept the fact that the D16 is JUST as capable as a B16 or other Honda motors.

Read up on Bisimoto and then come tell me a D16 is crap. He built the worlds ONLY 10 second N/A D15 (NOT D16) Honda on the pro-drag circuit. 10 is something most TURBO B16's can't even achieve let alone an N/A motor. You tell me to research, but I alreay have and you are the one that needs to do so.

Posted By: egb16acivic
Date: 05/14/2006
you're a smart guy. i like the comment you left for phixion.

Posted By: pattyc
Date: 09/14/2005
looks allright i thinlk usually when people get high votes they have spent alot of money on there rides and dont have sohc engines

Posted By: X FACTOR
Date: 01/09/2005
job well done

Posted By: garlandimports
Date: 10/22/2004
this car is for sale in dallas texas email me for info jbonds1111@hotmail.com

Posted By: garlandimports
Date: 10/08/2004
not sure why i have such crappy ratings but it seems to me like you people are giving high votes to these riced out wanna be rockets ohh well i can still eat most

Posted By: garlandimports
Date: 09/29/2004
nice ride J, gave you all 5's jus cuz ur my boy n all, and yeah im the friend that gave him the pioneer unit.

Posted By: biggins
Date: 06/21/2004
Mods look consistent and done the right way