2004 Acura RSX Type S
Owner: Yung Ching (WhiteTypeS)
Date Added: 07/23/2004
Date Updated: 07/23/2004
Ride Specs



Stock Leather


White Pearl


16" Factory RSX Wheels




Stock, Acura 6 cd changer (in dash)

Future Mods

Rims, Lowered, Lambo Doors, Tinted Window, Full Lip Kit, Intake, Exhaust, Super charger, Headers, Sound System/Media System

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 03/23/2006
hey wats up ive been having some problems recognizing a 2000 type r motor engine from japan it reads on the block 18 c is that right or is this a diffrent motor anything u know will help me out thanks

Date: 05/05/2005
wheels ! 19" or 20" nice

Posted By: albooogie
Date: 04/23/2005
nice whip man cool ride..

Posted By: taisopr32
Date: 01/26/2005
Great Color. Same one that I picked... My ride should show up soon too.... i uploaded the stuff, but my profile isn't active yet. Keep the car clean and have fun. They are DAMN beautiful cars!

Posted By: chukyp16
Date: 08/29/2004
nice..... fresh car ready for modding....... keep it clean dont go ricey that car is a kick ass car so dont destroy it with large metal wings and ugly graphics.... i would say go with some 18 alloy's and some engine mods and mostly audio cause thats my fav

Posted By: Gumby99integ
Date: 08/23/2004
very very nice.
www.sensemotorsports.com for good body kits.

throw some 19s on there and keep a good color scheme going only 2 maybe 3 colors.

Posted By: types
Date: 08/03/2004
Hello, beautiful!! 5! in my dream.

Posted By: lostsoul
Date: 08/01/2004
gotta love the new tegs, but my suggestion keep it clean, i would prolly change the grill

and go with some jdm headlights tose look sick, i would work more on the motor than the body.

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 07/24/2004
hot!! i love the new "integras" ;D... where are you from ching? *wink*