1994 Acura Integra RS
Owner: Mike (pitbull197669)
Date Added: 07/24/2004
Date Updated: 07/30/2004
Ride Specs

Ractive Short Ram Air Intake
ACCEL Spark Plug 8.5mm
BOSCH Platnium Plugs +4
OBX Exhaust
Custom Upper Strut Stabilizer
Castrol Syntec Blend 10W30


In Da Works....


Clear Bumper Lenses


205/R17/40 Ventus
17" ICW DV8


In the works!!



Future Mods

Tokico Shocks/Springs Kit
DC Headers
Greddy Cat-back System
High FLow Cat
New Paint and Carbon Fiber Hood

Posted By: civic/usa
Date: 12/12/2004
Rims go great with your car

Posted By: Gumby99integ
Date: 08/23/2004
Nice car. Go with that white and genmetal color of your car. But you should drop the 4x4 stance you have now for it. 2.5 up front and 2 in the back would be great.

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 07/26/2004
Oh yeah, and you forgot to paint over your liscense plates in one of the pictures

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 07/26/2004
Wow, very nice car, and 1 ?, what does the japanese/chinese/whatever symbol stand for?