1996 Honda Civic Hatchback
Owner: Aih Vixaythong (Invazn08)
Date Added: 08/12/2004
Date Updated: 08/10/2005
Ride Specs

Bone Stock. Tanabe Racing Medallion Full catback. Swapping the F23!!


Tenzo R Racing Seats.
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Tachometer.


Buddy club bodykit.
Shaved Sides and Door handle.
Bomex Wing
Gunmetal Altezza's
Z3 Style Mirrors


17 inch ADR Concept Pro's
Kumho 712 205/40/17


Neuspeed RACE springs.


Alpine CD Player
Alpine Type R 6x9
Alpine Type R 5 1/2
Apline Dc12 5 Channel Amp
Two 12' Kicker Solo Barics
Xtant 2 Channel Amp

Future Mods

Got the F23 here. Paid only $150 for it. it was a steal. I know its single cam but its a big motor! Just waiting for the tranny and ECU.. 2.3 Liters in a HATCH! This motor has 160Hp with Tons of TORQUE. I should be able to keep up with most swaps. I plan on throwing a Turbo on this motor.
Vis OEM Carbon fiber hood
Black Housing JDM STYLE headlights

Posted By: jdm_fernando
Date: 08/26/2010
nice ride dude.. where did u get the bomex wing? i've been searching for a while now.can't find one.maybe u can help me out.i got an Civic hb '96 myself.i'll post some pics of the project soon.keep up tha good work!!

Posted By: jdm_fernando
Date: 08/25/2010
yo dude.. wazzup? where did u find that bomex wing?? i;ve been searching a while for one.can't find it

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 12/13/2007
that is a sick civic. good job man, the color and the rims are bad. keep it up. what u think of my ride

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 10/24/2007
Im loving the wing & the color

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 12/16/2006
clean civic bro. looks good. check out my civic let me know what u think

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 02/04/2006
what up man....likin the ninety-six...those taillights are tight too by the way.....my 96 twin...check mine out...laids

Posted By: b18EG-K
Date: 11/15/2005
a h22a prelude tranny and a ecu that obd2a/obd2b from a prelude will also work with that swap.

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 02/18/2005
btw, you dont have Z3 style mirrors. You have M3 style mirrors. Fix that part in your profile.

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 02/18/2005
This is interesting... I'm on a different computer right now, and your paintjob looks fine now! haha! It could habe been the brightness levels on the other monitor. Either way, its been a while.. post some updated pictures. Oh, and if you wanted to, you can open up your tail lights and paint them black, so that you have a consistant "red and black" color scheme. Its not that hard, just very tedious. If I was able to make my own tail lights, black housing an existing would would be cake ;)

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 02/18/2005
TeamInvazn, you need to improve on your reading comprehension skills. I said that this car is nice. That it has been done well. Those are compliments, so dont throw a hissy fit haha! I said that the color looks bright, but it might be the pictures, so I was asking if he can post more pictures. Now be quite and take notes from your brother, so your car doesnt become as bad as the other cars in your crew.

Posted By: rce^rkt
Date: 02/15/2005
there no such thing as a b27az i just made it up and yes i do have a b series engine

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 02/11/2005
Hey bro sup ahh i have a question where is the F23 originally from ? Accord ? looks liek what i got in my car F22a1 well let me know ok ? im still learning lol all i know is i want the H22A

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 01/25/2005
SHYTE!!! ANOTHER AZN!!! nice ride man, is your kit fiberglass or urethane?

Posted By: Bomex99Si
Date: 01/06/2005
Thanx 4 ur comment man, u have a nice ride urself, I love the color and the way it looks with those rims, keep it up!!! about the question u asked, I took the manifold heat cover off because I just added a DC Sport header and I will post the pics soon, later!!!

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 12/14/2004
hEY ITS MY BROTHERS CAR!! took a long time for the body work but we got it!!! look at silverbolt..all he does is talk alot of crap..really though this hatchback is nice!! and silverbolt you put alot of money into your car..but still..i think its UGLY!!! those are GUNMETAL ALtezza's i dont think they make blackhousing altezza's. Everybody's car is a work in process.this car is in its early stages..and for silverbolts' car.."waste of money" boy if i put as much money in my car..looks to me that he has more haters then appreciaters. WELL this hatchback is PIMP. so if you dont like..you probably have bad tastE?

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 11/23/2004
IMO, I think all the cars in your crew are weak. The only car thats nice is yours. Everyhting seems to have been done well. Again, the only one that doesnt sit well with me is the color. It just seems really bright in those pictures. We can post up to 20 pictures now... post more pictures.

Posted By: 14sec.RedCRX
Date: 11/19/2004
if your not careful with that wing you might fly away ...way to big

Posted By: Team_Invazn
Date: 11/03/2004
damnz thats a bomb ass hatchback...u noe why? cuz its one of the cars from team invazn!! hahah...reppin Team Invazn fo sho

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 10/12/2004
A carbon fiber wing and hood would look tight with those black rims

Posted By: jayjaytodd
Date: 10/11/2004
nice ride, what next on the list. I too have a hatch.

Posted By: civiced
Date: 09/16/2004
yeh dude nice ride i was gna go for the bomex wing for my ride but went a for the type r instead wanted to know how do you open your doors now that you shaved the handles??? check out my ride

Posted By: Silverbolt
Date: 09/11/2004
I'm going to be brutally honest... I like that you shaved the side moldings and door handles. I like your choice for a body kit. I like your rims... but what really ruins it for me are your stock ambered headlights, altezza tail lights, and that neon color. If you had black housing altezza tails, at least they'd match your rims... but they dont.

Posted By: shep
Date: 09/03/2004
Nice ride, I don't have much room to talk, my ride still need's more help. But I think if you clear out your headlights, it would put the finishing touch's to your ride, you can do it yourself.

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 09/02/2004
Yeah, but I'll sell anything if I am shown the money. Who shaved your doors and did the paint job? I need to get mineredone in the near future if I don't sell it first. I really like your color. I though about the h22 but don't want to go through all of that. Debating on the b18b to charge or b18c. Won't be until the beginning of the new year. That's when my house will be finished being built. I don't have a garage right now to break it down.

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 09/02/2004
Just checking to see if any updates. I really like your ride. I might decide to sell mine soon. It's either sell it now before I start rebuilding over or keep it and go all out.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/17/2004
Whoa u got the red Civic HB and the Accord cool! yeah I'd like to see it, and thanks for the tip about sleeper style... heh Alot of my friends have it that way cuz rims are too much moola for them at this time. like the integra in the pic in front of my car. Im trying to get him to put his car in the web site too.

Posted By: nfg177
Date: 08/17/2004
Cars way clean... Like the kit check my ride!

Posted By: rce^rkt
Date: 08/16/2004
take that wing off wow

Posted By: homie
Date: 08/15/2004
the buddy club kit looks so good on the '96 to '00 cx/dx hatches. i love it!

Posted By: JDMfinesseSI
Date: 08/15/2004
Thanks for the post. Slick ride. It's nice how you shaved the door handles and door moldings. Good Stuff!!

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/13/2004
Hey i have a Question, I was reading other ppls profiles and there comments they got. and i saw they had said "sleeper" like u mentioned to me in the last comment what does that mean? imnew to this does it mean stock black rims without the hub caps or just plain blacked out rims?

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/13/2004
OH OOPs forgot to tell ya, my car is a 5sp. I cant stand drivng an auto it would make me feel as if i was a smoker who couldn't have any ciggs. im already addicted to the manual. but hey for those of u who do drive an auto at least u can talk on the phone and drink n eat i cant lol grrrrr only got two hands one steering and one shifting. :-p

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/13/2004
Hummm not diggin my tail lights huh.....i dont like you man j/k lol yeah when i bough the car it came with it how ever i really think a black housing would look better how about u ? cuz it will make it look more mean lookin ? with black rims ? or sleeper look with out the hubbies but i got an Alloy rims with out no hubs needed its those EX! rims yuck! ha ha ha btw your car look cool! dude nicly done ! keep it up

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 08/12/2004
Very nice , i like the color.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 08/12/2004
Nice job on the body work (from what I can see). Car looks good. Peep my 4 door.

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 08/12/2004
Thanks for the comments. VERY nice! I'm serious when I say that I like your ride. Your making me think about those back altezzas. ha Where are you at? I was born in Iowa City. I like everything about your car believe it or not. My kind of style. Keep it up!

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 08/12/2004