1995 Honda Civic DX
Owner: Kevin Harvey (kevoweb)
Date Added: 08/14/2004
Date Updated: 05/09/2009
Ride Specs

- OEM airbox, K&N filter, 3" dia intake pipe
- Holley AirMass ThunderMuff 2.25" cat-back exhaust
- Magnaflow high-flow catalytic converter
- eBay 4-2-1 Header
- ACT Performance Street Clutch Disc
- ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
- Innovative Mounts a/t to m/t conversion mount ;-)
- DIY Ground Wire Kit
- Accel 300plus ThunderSport sparkplug wires
- eBay aluminum radiator
- DIY Radiator Cooling Plate
- FITV/IACV coolant bypass

- Energy Suspension shifter bushings (awaiting install)
-d16z6 w/ex tranny (not yet installed - awaiting turbo build)


- Skunk2 Dual Bend short shifter
- Skunk2 440 gram shift knob
- Pilot Motorsports RS1 Pedal Covers
- 93 EX gauge cluster
- Custom LED gauge cluster lighting
- Red Climate Control bulbs
- Reupholstered rear speaker deck
- Reupholstered door panels
- Third brake light removed
- OEM Clock
- Broadway Mirror


- VISION technica amber corner lenses
- DEPO foglights
- Sylvania Silverstar 9003 headlight bulbs
- DIY license plate relocation

-New Quarter panels (awaiting intsall)
-New Trunk lid (awaiting install)


Winter Wheels
- Stock Steelies (painted graphite) / Goodyear Viva 2 (175/70/13)
Summer Wheels
-Rota Circuit 8s (15 x 6.5 - Bronze) / Falken Azenis RT-615 (205/50/15)


- Tokico Illumina shocks (5 way adjustable)
- Skunk2 Adjustable Coilovers (8kg/mm f / 6kg/mm r)
- Bomz Racing front & rear strut tower bars
- Hawk HPS pads
- Suspension Techniques 19mm front and rear sway bars
- Skunk2 Rear Lower Control arms

- Hardrace front lower control arms (awaiting install)


- 4 Pioneer TS-G1640 6.5" speakers
- Panasonic CQ-C7105U Headunit (not yet pictured)

- DEI Rattler Security System w/ Ignition kill
- Cobra XRS 9300 Radar Detector
- DIY headlight warning buzzer
- DIY Radiator fan override switch

Future Mods

-Spoon style front lip
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Full body respray
-Ground Control Coilovers / Koni Yellow Shocks
-Skunk2 Front upper control arms
-Benen Front strut bar
-Skunk2 Rear Strut bar

Posted By: jonastsk8
Date: 04/19/2009
nice ride

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 10/16/2008
yoo waddup long time no see ....i did alot to the car gonna b posting up the pics soon...

Posted By: JamJam
Date: 08/09/2008
clean little civic ck my ride out

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 06/30/2008
what i wanna do next to my car is next for sure is flip flop trunk and body parts n paint

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 06/29/2008
thats cool man, i wanna start building up an engine for a trbo stup on my car. what kind of turbo u wanna do

Posted By: widecivic
Date: 06/26/2008
Nice Civic, check my EG hatch out.

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 06/26/2008

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 06/26/2008
Nice ride man really feelin dem gauges!

Posted By: tino
Date: 06/12/2008
sweet ride!

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 05/11/2008
mine is still the same. havent had much time to do anything. that and my girlfriend hating on how i waste money on my car. heh. still rides good though. and never got that fornt lip on either. i took it to someone, and that thing wont fit. we tried everything. :( well anyways, keep up the good work

Posted By: Rush 1
Date: 05/02/2008
Clean EG

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 05/02/2008
i like dem rims

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/01/2008
Looking good So Far Dawg. I would Love to See You Rock a Turbo at the Track :p How soon do you Think?

Keep it Clean >>>Later<<<


Posted By: MobiggaLx
Date: 04/20/2008
WHATUP kevo keep that civic clean man like what youve done with it so far

Posted By: sdot
Date: 03/24/2008
yo rims is whack, i say stick wit da steelies. lol im just hatin, but im goin wit da NOS dry kit

Posted By: Desertstorm
Date: 03/14/2008
Hey man, when are you boosting her? I got the same single cam in my Hatch and I'm really considering boosting it. Let me know when you finally decide to do it and how it all goes.

Posted By: xenonman
Date: 02/29/2008
hii Kevin

you got yourself nic ride

its looks nice when its original !

keep it real bro (-:

msn: xenonman@walla.com

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 02/27/2008
Betcha can't wait to get those rims on huh?

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 01/23/2008
yo kev wats up i took some pics of my car its an update lol let me know what u think

Posted By: hondadude141
Date: 01/05/2008
Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Hope its a good one!

Posted By: horrse
Date: 12/05/2007
so how did you bypass the fitv and the iacv? The dseries maybe different but did you just take them both off and make plates to cover them? do you get an CEL for the IACV at all or do you just ignore it?

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/20/2007
not the best im still waitin for my teins,but for now some ebay cheap *****s..my friend has them on his car and it looks good and he has no problems yet its been 2 years lol so well see

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/17/2007
yo kev wats up lol..hatin my interior and seats i guess they have nutin else to do,, i ordered my gsr black leather seats and lowering springs cant wait!!! holla @ me

Posted By: horrse
Date: 11/14/2007
How does bypassing the FITV and IACV affect your idle? Any real Benefits?

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/11/2007
nice conversion...

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/08/2007
oo i forgot can u post up some interior pics im jus wonderin is it stick or auto i see u have clutch disc and sh*t curious u know lol

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/08/2007
yea its the same header.. i jus made it a cold air...done at the secret location lol but yeaa im waitin for my lowering springs...(teins are comin soon)

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 11/04/2007
yo kev nice car.. we have the same color too lol holla @ me

Posted By: H22dohcVTEC
Date: 10/22/2007
Nice car dude.. Question, Did you install those struts/springs yourself? Was it easy?

Posted By: Civic All Day
Date: 10/18/2007
ayo where did u get the bulbs for the cluster / climate control what the bulb number. Im trying to change mines to green

Posted By: wJ93ex
Date: 09/13/2007
I just saw that we have alot of the same things on our cars as in headunit,struts and springs, red bulbed tach,yellow fogs haha but it looks good man.

Did you do an automatic to manual conversion? If so how did that go I am looking into doing it right now actually

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 09/09/2007
Hey man, how's it going? Do you know if the NRG H-Brace is similar to the Megan one? If it is, then watch out, it will probably scrape once in a while.

I think it does make a difference handling wise, but just thought I'd warn ya! Later...

Posted By: hondadude141
Date: 08/15/2007
hehe :) thats my dream car right therr :) good work man, looks crazy awesome as always, keep it up!

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 08/01/2007
Go for that Turbo son, course if you have some chips saved up. Hope you do it. I really like the Red lights under your Cluster and Climate Control. >>>Later<<<

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/17/2007
Hey how hard was it for you to re-bulb the climate control? I was thinking of doing that to mine actually. I re-bulbed the cluster with blue LEDs and it looks really sweet, but now of course it doesn't match the climate control and gear shift indicator anymore.

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 06/03/2007
you should post some pics of the interior. nice work though man... car looks great

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/03/2007
Did you paint your strut tower brace and exhaust manifold heat shield? It looks pretty sweet.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 05/24/2007
Yeah I'm really kind of tempted to convert to manual. Maybe once I'm working full time. I've heard that a B18B paired with an Si or GSR transmission is a lot of fun. We'll see what happens I guess. Right now I just want to get my suspension on, get some nice wheels, and maybe a lip.

Posted By: elmasqueronka07
Date: 05/03/2007
Nice job on the auto to manual conversion. I got a new coupe since my red one was stolen. Check it out and let me know what you think. later

Posted By: inferno
Date: 04/07/2007
i dont see why everyone says dont get them when you can see so much more better than halogen bulbs

even though your halogen would be doing the samething your HID's would be doing

except with the HIDs you can see x20 better

Posted By: inferno
Date: 04/03/2007
looks like your car has a lot of body roll on some turns

you should get more bracing to shave down some time :)

Posted By: horrse
Date: 03/30/2007
did you hit all those cones... haha j/p the fogs look nice. keep it up

Posted By: jkjllkloijkl
Date: 03/27/2007
This car is coming along good. You have put a lot of work into and by your future plans looks like a lot more to come.

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 02/11/2007
howd you do that rebulbing of the dash... just swap out bulbs or what?? that looks sick as *****

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 01/19/2007
Awesome garage door! ;)

Posted By: juanpiringo
Date: 12/07/2006
u need some rims but it looks good

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 11/28/2006
get some rims dawg

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/10/2006
It was for sure a super long course. But no I didn't beat him out, lol! But I was CLOSE to his time. His fastest was 99 seconds, mine was 107. The '72 Lotus that had the fastest time had a 78 second lap! Most averages of the day were in the low 90's, and high 80's for the veterans. 2nd fastest time was 82 seconds from a street legal RX-8!!! How crazy is that?!? On the track however is when i can pull away from EVO's, STi's and S2000's, but only in the sections that they have to brake into and I can power through at WOT.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/08/2006
I just auto-X'ed this past sunday. Best event yet ever!! The course was looong (about 1.25 miles long) and it was nothing but slalom after slalom section which made it hardcore technical. Best time of the day was by some track only '72 Lotus Elan and that was 80 seconds!! But anyways, after 9 run laps I was able to edge in about 8 seconds off my cousin's best time in his WRX STi, which was cool! Unfortunately no pics of me were taken. :'( I *might* go again at the end of this month, we'll see...

Posted By: phixion
Date: 10/30/2006
Ahh cool cool, sounds like a good plan then Kevin. I'm going to my forst auto-X this year, next weekend with my cousin. We'll see how I do compared to his 325whp STi Imprezza, lol! It's been at least a year since I've bween racing, and the last time I went was actually HPDE road racing, not auto-X...

Posted By: phixion
Date: 10/27/2006
SWEET auto-X pics, Kevin! How did that all go?? I think I'm going to be getting back into it next month I hope, lol!

Posted By: w0ng_sta
Date: 10/14/2006
hhaha r u talkin ***** again.. dont make me walk to ur apt and cop ur steelies

Posted By: CiviGuy
Date: 09/05/2006
Dang all this time here and i never even wrote a comment on this car, Looks Really nice man keep up the good work! And seriously man keep it gotta have love for the 92-95 coupes!!!

Posted By: el pana
Date: 09/01/2006
hey men car looking good nice and clean keep up check my 4dr

Posted By: elmasqueronka07
Date: 08/18/2006
Yeah thats exactly what I'm doing. I have everything picked out but I just need money lol

Posted By: elmasqueronka07
Date: 08/16/2006
Nice civic bro. It looks nice clean. keep it up! check my civic out. later

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/04/2006
Hey Kevin, I hear ya'. I want a new car (not to sell the Civic though, but a different D/D car) so I've been lagging on the rest of my mod list. That mainly due to getting my own place and $1100 rent every month, plus living with my g/f it'll be harder to justify car mods when I gotta worry about rent, lol! But, I WILL have that JRSC in there at some point in time! :D other than that, not too much new here with me.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/03/2006
Yo yo yo Kevin!! Long time no chat. Civic is still looking good. I think the hissing you had with your old intake setup was infact from it being a short ram, I remember mine used to do that too at idle when I had it. Now I just run the stock airbox over the T/B as the 6th gen DX/LX's came and it works great. it's more responsive and probably about the loudest intake noise sound one can achieve with a Civic, but I wasn't going for noise really lol! But anyways, yeah. Alright well take it easy d00d!!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 08/03/2006
Hey there Kevin, so you're keeping your Civic for a while longer huh? I did that with my Accord too, always putting it up for sale and then changing my mind, lol...

Anyways, I had a question for you. I was wondering what you thought of your Arospeed intake and Bomz strut braces. I'm probably gonna do both of those things on my Teg and I'm just trying to decide how much I want to spend. Oh, and also, what do you think of your Tokico suspension? I was thinking about a Tokico package myself.

Posted By: 93greenenvy
Date: 07/11/2006
is there any easy way to change the climate control bulbs?

Posted By: 93greenenvy
Date: 06/27/2006
how hard was it to change the bulbs on the climate control?

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 06/22/2006
why you selling it? what you getting next? you were doing good thing with it.

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 06/01/2006
looks slow u should drop it too

Posted By: RobF130
Date: 05/28/2006
Hey dude...I noticed you take pride in keeping a clean engine bay. You should consider doing a wire tuck. I'm doing one right now and it's going pretty well. Basically just reroute the engine harnesses and relocate the fusebox/battery to under the dash/trunk. Looks 100x cleaner. I'll post a how-to on the HSO forums.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/22/2006
I'm like all E36 for life, lol! The 2.5RS is a good platform especially for turbo. Because of the increased torque and displacement, it has a far better and higher potential than the base 2 litre WRX motor and people prefer that route since the RS is lighter than a WRX, and better engine. A guy in auto-X here used to dominate the STX class with a 2.5RS Now he's moved onto drifting in both the Formula D circuit and D1GP as well. His name if you've heard of it is Hiroo Sumida. He was even bettering times of most of the Z06 Vettes and even won a national title or 2 I believe in Solo2 and possibly even the SCCA ProSolo tour as well. Scooby power!! :)

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/21/2006
2.5RS is pimp!! A bit more torque than a base WRX, and also .5 more displacement. I wouldn't mind having an EG hatch or even a 4th gen EF hatch to just gut and race out at the track. Those things handle like a dream from what I've seen. Like tossing around a Mini Cooper almost. Once i get the Volvo, my goal in theory is to get a '98 M3 coupe and then use it for road racing. it's like the ultimate practical track car or something.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/20/2006
I totally hear ya' there Kevin. I'm just waiting till I can get the Volvo S40 T5 ADW I'm planning to get in about a year. If you do get a chance, definitely do up some auto-X. I guarantee it'll be one of the funnest times you'll have in your car! :)

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/19/2006
hey man, u need those projectors for ur car. Those look awesome.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/16/2006
Yo yo Kevin, thanks for the comments. :) So what's new d00d? Not too much here, just ehh keeping the ride maintained and on the road is all.

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 03/13/2006
wow i see new pics very very nice jejeje like the amber corners better :) and the tokico good choice i got nw pics if u wanna peep them but good stuff man good job on the up grades ha well cya around peace....

Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 03/07/2006
Love it man . it simply wiked nice clean job man its lookin real sweet....love the colour too lol same colour as mine except mine is a 4dr yepp & lol I hote the fact that i don't see very many Black guys with tuners lol im like the only one in my city lol well im out payce easy!! lol

Posted By: 2000 Accord SE
Date: 02/26/2006
very nice......deff clean lookin......keep up the good work....and thanks for your help in the forums

Posted By: BlenDeR
Date: 02/22/2006
Your car is coming around slowly but surely. I like the well thought out mods, and the way you're trying to keep it clean. Great job, keep it up. Update some pix so we can see that thing dropped. Peace butha.

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 02/17/2006
ye man clean coupe b hope to see some pictures of the future mods posted up soon..good luck peep out my coupe...

Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/13/2006
Thanks man.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/10/2006
Where online did u get them from?

Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/09/2006
Hey man, nice ride. How did u get the red lights in the cluster and the climate control. I gotta fix mine to blue. A few light are already gone. Thanks

Posted By: phixion
Date: 01/20/2006
Hey Kevin, how hard was rebulbing the center console? I want to redo mine (it seems dim now after 6 years) and thought about swapping in white LEDs in place, just so it's brighter and matches my Revo gauges in illumination, better. Doesn't seem too hard from what I've seen though... Still looking good though! :)

Posted By: Redline96LX
Date: 01/20/2006
I know what its like to be on a low budget, so at least its simple and clean, and not riced or JDMd out so its offensivly ugly. Not bad, clean and stock is better than dirty and riced. Thumbs up man

Posted By: kenny7
Date: 01/03/2006
get a job and buy some rims.

Posted By: 1
Date: 12/29/2005
Good Luck Keep goin at it.

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 12/21/2005
ummmmm.....ok.......good luck with that

Posted By: horrse
Date: 12/01/2005
there's always reliability issue with frank motors but if built right, it'll give good results. keep it up man, civic nation

Posted By: jdm itr civic
Date: 11/30/2005
Looks great man, very clean, future plans look great too. Keep it up.

Posted By: horrse
Date: 11/29/2005
man you've got one clean civic.. i love it.. nice pick of future rims too. anywho I think you should drop it some more for a nicer stance. IMO. If you're lookin for moddest hp, why don't you do a mini-me swap, throw a D16z6 vtec head on there, you'll get more much need topend

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 11/22/2005
wanna race?

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/07/2005
Crimping can be teh suck! :( w00t for Vice Grips, lol! Good luck with the rebulbing. I got lazy on doing the rest of my dash in amber/red, doh! :-x

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/02/2005
Coo coo, thanks for the info Kevin. I'll check the grounds and determine what guage I want to go with between 4 or 8. Sounds good though, I'd like to do it because my car seems to idle weird in the hotter months after driving for a bit and then coming to idle at a light or stop sign, other wise it's fine but maybe changing up the grounds will help. That sounds like me though one night when I got bored at 2am and pulled my gauge cluster and rebulbed it with amber bulbs, lol! Good work though!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/01/2005
Wow, those are sme NICE arms. Same price as the SRRs, but with Energy polyurethane bushings, it's worth it!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 11/01/2005
How did you go about doing your DIY ground wire kit, and did you notice any differance (not just performance wise) with it? I've seen several threads on boards reguarding this... Most saying just use 4g wire/cable, and gold plated terminals.

Posted By: 99_hb_on_air
Date: 10/11/2005
for a GOOD L.C.A. go with www.function-7.com good luck with the future plans.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/29/2005
The Megans are for sure crap! So go Omni Power. There's also SRR, but those are twice as much (though possibly twice as better, lol!). And I think a company called SRP or SPR or something like that makes LCAs as well. Well you can check those ones out on www.robearracing.com though I'd personally go with Omnis.

Sounds like you scored a nice bar there. GSR is 14mm, so not bad! yeah, get the links from Beak's and make sure from them if you need the bar end collar bushings or not, I did with my Del Sol bar as is the case with the ITR bar too of course and any Integra bar really. Since the endling bolt that mounts it to the bar is smaller than the mounting hole on the bar, that's what you'll need to collar bushing for.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/27/2005
Yeah, actually they get the pic from Megan Racing who stole the picture from me... :(

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/26/2005
Hey Kevin, the H-brace made a big differance. it keeps snap oversteert in check for the most part, and DOESN'T add any understeer into the mix which is really a nice bonus. Of course it all depends on your setup, but as for me I don't really notice any differance with the rear lower tie-bar though I'm sure it makes some sort of differance. For me I think it's because my suspension is already so dang stiff, and to think I want to revlave my rear Teins and stiffen them up even further by another 2kg's (100 or so lbs.) Yeah, I'm a fiend when it comes to that, lol! Being on a budget while in school, I've been there before so I fell you're pain. :( But you're doing it right by hitting up Ebay, thank goodness for them, ehh? As for HID's KEEP your stock headlights (since the lense on them is true glass) and go with an H4 kit similar to mine. Mine only cost me $280 on Ebay (though I picked mine up in person from the seller to cut out the shipping) but they are just a tick under $300 shipped! They are a VERY worthwhile mod i feel if you do a bit of nighttime driving like I tend to do. Only downfall to the kits like this, is that you lose your high beams, but the extra light output almost makes up for that. Good luck d00d!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/22/2005
Delta Cam all the way, that's what I'm going for once I find a good core to send them (so i can keep my stock cam just in case). Cheapest, and I personally know the guy that created to profile for that cam for Delta. :) I believe it's about $80 plus the core for one. The best deal around considering it'll add a true 10hp or so to the wheels with a good set of springs/retainers and tune-up.

Also I'd go with the tires i currently have over the Azenis, the Hankook R-S2. I feel they are better than the Azenis, at least they are more sticky in the rain that Azenis and they feel more predictable.

Umm, if you can afford a little bump up in price, I'd advise a Megan H-brace rather than front tiebar, and then a Cusco rear lower tiebar since it's 100x's better than the megan universal adjustable tiebar. I got mine for $75 plus shipping and it's all one-piece.

Good luck Kevin!!

Posted By: Andrew 11111111
Date: 09/21/2005
I like your car man! keep it real

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 09/06/2005

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 09/06/2005

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/05/2005
lol, it's all good!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/01/2005
lol, what are you doing to the front driver's corner?? :-O

Posted By: mixalis
Date: 08/20/2005
nice car.check mine

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/11/2005
Check out TCI for torque converters, they are about $500-$700 I believe. As for max tranny power, I honestly wouldn't push it beyond say 170hp, as I hear the auto won't handle what the block itself can, not the autotranny anyhow. The manual tranny is almost bullet proof however.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/02/2005
Yes, the Del Sol VTEC 15mm rear swaybar does bolt up, well for the most part. You will need to aquire collars to stick in the end holes on the bar where the endlinks mount to the bar, since the holes are the same size as the holes on any of the Integra rear swaybars, and are too big a round for the bolt of the Civic Si coupe endlinks that you have to use with the bar for it to mount properly. I aquired these collars from Beak's Products (who makes the ITR bar subframe reinforcement kit) since they are the exact fit one would need. Other than that, it bolts up EXACTLY like the 13mm Si coupe swaybar would, using the same step brackets and all, just the Del Sol D-brackets and bushings will need to be used instead of course. All in all, about $170 or so in parts will be needed for it including the Si coupe endlinks with that cost.

As for the Megan LCAs, an Energy part can't be gotten, not seperately at least. On the SOHChonda.com d-series motor forums I'm on, a couple members mentioned about a particular bushing that would work, but I don't recall the manufacture of it off hand, but I'll look back to the post about it and let you know. I'd go that route, but cost of the bushings and then to have a machine shop press out the old Megan bushings and press in the new ones, I think it would be more feasable to just purchase a set of Omni LCAs as they are said to have WAY better hard rubber bushings. Their H-brace being the exception, it's looking more and more like Megan products are nothing more than a waste of money and time. Pretty sad when a stock OEM piece can hold up better than their aftermarket POS parts. =\

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 07/11/2005
wow nice job on keeping the engine bay clean. i clean my engine bay like 3 times a week, so as the inside also. to me your the only one who i see on HSO that has a good looking and clean engine bay! hey you should watch my car video you'll like it. hit me up foo! my aim is viet style247. peep my ride peace out man, and keep up the good work.

Posted By: RobF130
Date: 07/07/2005
dude, i'd seriously recommend a $7 grille kit off ebay. It would be a nice touch. Looks good tho, goodluck

Posted By: min-kape
Date: 06/19/2005
get that ex transmission in there you will love it. i just put one in my car and it is fun. your car looks good so far your future mods are good. check out my ride

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 05/30/2005
Yeah im not liking the wing either ,but i already drilled the holes so its stuck on there.I would have liked it off with a CF OEM hood also.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 05/29/2005
Man you got alot to do ,but it sounds good.

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 05/13/2005
i got my mini pods installed, if you need parts for your car hit me up man. i got some oem parts too. oh yeah take some pictures of your whole interior. nice job on the car too.

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 05/12/2005
hey i added a new tach, check it out. soon to be installed a pillar pod and air fuel ratio and volt meter. so yeah. when you gonna get your installed?

Posted By: pacman22
Date: 05/10/2005
Hey man thanks for the comment. Nice Civic. Good luck with the work detail man. Keep me informed. Keep in touch. Talk to you later.


Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 05/04/2005
Yeah, for some reason my old profile got completely erased when I tried to add some new pictures to it, so I just started over with a new one. Hopefully I will be able to get some shocks and springs and lower my it this summer, and maybe get my exhaust on too, I already have a muffler, just need to get it installed. I see that your car is coming along nicely, that exhaust looks good, I think it may be the same muffler that I bought. What do you think of it? Anyways, keep up the good work man, let me know when you get some new pics...

Posted By: 94exvtec
Date: 04/23/2005
Not a bad start, just curious as to what gains you are looking for by putting an EX transmission into your vehicle, being an automatic? Lemme know...and if you live in or near Columbus, we should get together and talk shop...

Posted By: woyteckkpl
Date: 04/18/2005
good lookin' :) all coupes are beauties :) good luck with mods

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 04/18/2005
sounds like college is a pain good thing i got a job in a body shop and dont need 2 go but car is coming nice dude


Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 04/13/2005
ahhh...good good. how much would it cost me?

Posted By: RicerKid7
Date: 04/12/2005
bro- where'd you get the hondashowoff decal?? hook me up- later

Posted By: TeamRPMaccord
Date: 04/12/2005
nice ride...i see u already plan out all the parts for your future mods, have fun carrying it out.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/11/2005
Thanks for your comments. Yours is looking good too.

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 04/10/2005
yea true true. but like how much hp and torque?

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/05/2005
For a mini-me, it all depends on the head, piston and rod combo you use for which will yield little to no compression ratio gain. Not all combos will increase it much, but I'm not sure offhand which combos that would be. :(
Cams would be good though, something that's designed more for turbo applications, and of course a cam gear and springs/retainers if you get one. Not sure what else you might want before hand... Good luck though!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/04/2005
I got the B&M FPR from a friend as a present a couple years back. Personally I wouldn't get it unless you've done some serious modding (internal engine work) that would necessitate the need to adjust the fuel pressure. On a fairly stock motor, adjusting the pressure on it, the ECU can detect the change and adjust the intake airflow accordingly, thus pretty much canceling out whatever adjustment you made to the B&M. For your current engine mods, it would be a waste of $$$ right now. Once you get the turbo, then it'll be worth it. Hope that helps you out!

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 04/03/2005
yea i heard that b16a doch cams are reali good stock. am i correct?

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 04/01/2005
yea i was thinking that. but im not sure which ones to go for.... do u have any recomandations?

Posted By: garret
Date: 03/24/2005
thanks for the comment, like your exhaust choice, did you feel a difference with the ground wires

Posted By: clyde004
Date: 02/19/2005
hey, if you're wanting to go red, i used Duplicolor Anodized Paint...it comes in red....makes it look like red metal, like my purple. if you decide to do that, it takes about 4 hrs to be bale to handle and put back on, and i can tell you some tricks, just pm me! i know what you mean about the expense of those intakes !! you're lookin good though!

Posted By: clyde004
Date: 02/18/2005
by the way, did you gut out the bottom of the air filter box? the resonator and vacuum boxes? it will add a little horse. thats what i did with mine originally. keep it up!

Posted By: clyde004
Date: 02/18/2005
like the intake setup, wanted to do something similar with mine on a do it yourself basis, but opted for the cheapo aluminum with a K&N...clean lookin ride though man.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 02/15/2005
I was also noticing you're into auto-X just like myself. Don't get seperate springs and shocks, believe me when I say save your pennies and get full coilovers. Tein Basics are pretty cheap in price (about $700-$750 for some) or even Omni Power are good to I hear, those run about $650 at most places that sell them. I have Tein SS's on my Civic, and have dumped $200 extra into them for stiffer springs on them all around. I'l be putting another $200 into them shortly to revalve the rear shocks to be stiffer and able to handle even stiffer springs. And all this for better auto-X and road racing track performance.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 02/15/2005
Thanks for the comment d00d. My sister has the same car as you, '95 DX coupe in the same color! Whenever I replace mods with newer or better mods, I usually "store" the old stuff on her car, lol! Keep up the good work with the car though. Oh, and if you want more thump from your system, for sure go subs verses getting 6x9 speakers. Good luck!!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 02/08/2005
Hey if you are interested in the "mini me" swap, check out the March issue of Honda Tuning, they are doing one on one of their project cars (plus a transmission swap, which I see you are wanting to do too), and they have a list of everything you will need. Good luck!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 02/06/2005
Hey man, that custom intake you fabbed up looks great!

Posted By: 1sickcivic
Date: 02/06/2005
looks clean, future mods look good too, good luck.

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 02/03/2005
WHOA MAN! you gottah long way to go on your future mods, cant wait to see how you gonna make it look to your personality. hit me up when you get it done. peace.

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 01/12/2005

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 12/30/2004

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 12/22/2004
brilliant use of airbox man

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 08/16/2004
How much cash do you need? I have a money tree in the backyard. ha

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 08/15/2004
Your check is in the mail. Let me know when you get it.