1997 Honda Accord Sedan, 5spd.
Owner: BoNKRZ (d2rk_acc0rd)
Date Added: 09/15/2004
Date Updated: 09/15/2004
Ride Specs

AC AutoTechnique Cold Air Intake
w. AEM Bypass Valve
Magnacor Spark Plug Wires
DC 4-2-1 Ceramic Headers
AEM Adjustable Cam Gear
Siamese Exhaust From "eBay"


Momo Steering Wheel
NRG Motorsports Quick-Release (Red Iodized)
Mugen Black Shift Knob
DC Short Shifter Aluminum Adapter
Honda Del Sol Seats Converted in Front & Rear
Quick Flash Module *for adjustable blinker speed
Nokya Racing Pedals w. Foot Rest


JTAutostyle EVO 2 Rally Front Bumper
Black Widow Side Skirts Conversion
Bomex "1994 & Up Integra" Rear Bumper Conversion
Shaven License Plate
Shaven Side Moldings
Carbon Fiber OEM VIS Racing Hood
APR Black On Black Mini Drag Spoiler
1pc Black Inhousing Dual Halo Projectors
Type J TYC Black Inhousing Taillights
Accord Type R Mid Grill w. converted Knight Rider Light


R-1 GTR-9 18x7's
Faulken GRB (Discontinued) Series 35's
DC Front Upper Strut Bar
DC Rear Upper Strut Bar
DC Lower Rear Bar


TEIN H.A.'s CoilOver Suspension (discontinued, last set in the U.S.)
Brembo Front Replacement Rotors



Future Mods

Going Back 2 Stock..Pretty Much JDM, "Bodykits are just hella destructive"
JDM Accord 4pc. Black-Inhousing Front Lights
JDM Folding Mirrors
Converting 2 Right-Hand Side Drive
Modifying 94-95 Accord Front Grill 2 A Mugen Grill
Placing A 94-95 Accord Front Bumper & A Greddy Gracer Front Lip
Droppin' An Prelude H23 Block w. an H22 Head Engine
Custom Interior
For The Rear Seats.. Extra Honda Del Sol Seats

Posted By: EJF
Date: 04/01/2012
Fresh ride.

Posted By: hondarecreation
Date: 11/28/2011
jdm? my ass this is hella rice

Posted By: NeonNyte05
Date: 03/10/2008
i like how u got the mufflers dogg

Posted By: NeonNyte05
Date: 03/10/2008
i like how u got the mufflers dogg

Posted By: 05K20SI
Date: 04/02/2007

Posted By: stratijikal
Date: 07/19/2006
Im getting the tein super street coilovers installed next week, how do you like what you have on your car?

Posted By: mrjoker1us2
Date: 04/06/2006
black on black is tight, come check out my Candy Kane color

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 06/17/2005
Sweet ACCORD i love the kit the over all look is wet
plus the exaust set up its killer
wana trade cars lol
peep my luder later

Posted By: # 01
Date: 05/22/2005

Posted By: Jarppa
Date: 09/22/2004
Sweet looking car. Car looks like nascar :). I like it.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 09/16/2004
What do you mean by destructive, as in breaking?I went with the polyurathane kit .Ive hit two curbs and still no damage :o) Im so glad it wasnt painted at the time. I cant wait to finish my rice, so i two can move onto the JDM scene .Perferabley right hand drive.

Posted By: TekSI
Date: 09/15/2004
not a huge fan of the tails, but it's not my car...very nice looking tho, where'd u get the Knight Rider light? or what did u use to make it

Posted By: midnight8
Date: 09/15/2004
sweet looking car.

Posted By: onesweetaccord
Date: 09/15/2004
Hey~I like what you've done with your Accord! What do ya mean...you jock girls that drive Accords? Ha! Check mine out sometime when you get a chance. Keep up the good work. Later~JuLiE

Posted By: Anubis
Date: 09/15/2004
looks nice man keep it up.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 09/15/2004
Looks pretty good. Check out my 4 door.