1989 Honda CRX
Owner: Arturo Corral (crx21)
Date Added: 12/05/2004
Date Updated: 12/05/2004
Ride Specs

intake, catback exaust, stock SI heads




shave body kit, invader front and side skirts, BW rear, m3 fenders,shave door handles. waiting for m3 mirrors to get here






pioneer stereo, 2 15"

Future Mods


Posted By: Snowflake
Date: 10/15/2005
ur interior makes me think of scooby doo!!!!

Posted By: pattyc
Date: 09/14/2005
i recon the interior looks pretty clean is the dash just painted or is it all new vinal?, some more pics would be cool

Posted By: boricuaL3
Date: 07/15/2005
Nice start, I personally dont like your interior, but maybe once you get some paint on the exterior it will turn out alright...good luck with it....Peace

Posted By: DopeCRX1
Date: 12/23/2004
Not totally my style but it does have some good things about it. Keep it up, you still have a chance of impressing me =)

Posted By: X FACTOR
Date: 12/15/2004
shaving stuff is kool im doin mine right now it seems like it takes forever u should go to your local paint store and make a paint and u will have one of a kind......

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 12/06/2004
I like all the molded stuff and shaved handles.Good luck

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 12/06/2004
EWWW interor! Why does it say "stock interior" yet I see a lot of mods? Need some paint too. Good Luck. Late.