1992 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Jessica Smith (Kycutie692)
Date Added: 03/10/2005
Date Updated: 08/03/2006
Ride Specs

2.2 Liter, Chrome COLD AIR INDUCTION SYSTEM, Perfomance Plugs and Wires! Most all wires covered by blue wire covers.


Gray interior, Cloth, Grey carpeted flooring and Honda Carpeted Mats as well, Blue Shift Boot, Blue Vents, In the process of fixing door handles (back pieces) and glove box latch...blue as well !


Black, Tinted Windows, Light Kits, Pilot Exhaust Pipe, LUND Hood Scoop, Personalized Chrome Grill, Toxic Emblem on trunk.


ADR Racing Wheels, 215/45ZR17, Toyo Tires




Sony 280 Watt Cd Player with Remote,Sony Xplod 1000 watt amp, 2 twelve inch Sony Xplod Subs, 2-Sony XS-R1611 6.5" 6 1/2" Xplod 3way 6 1/4", high's in both front doors, 2 Blaukpunk tweeters.

Future Mods

Modifying Engine, Neon Underglow Lighting, Alarm System, Electronic Boost Control, Chrome everything under the hood, Cover all wires with blue covers, DVD Players in headrests of seats, Car Audio In Dash DVD GPS MP3 TV Player. Level ride height, 18 inch wheels.....To much to list !

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/03/2006
The wing definitely doesn't look right, and a hood scoop is pointless really unless you have a top mount intercooler like Subaru WRX's have, otherwise it can actually affect the areodynamics of the car in a negative way. On a stock motor with just bolt on mods and aftermarket wires, if the grills on the front of the car aren't cooling it down enough then there's a serious problem, and that's nothing a hood scoop will cure. =/ Especially since it sounds like you're going for show by your future mods list, I'd go back to a stock hood and then just go from there. Good luck though!

Posted By: jessicasgirl
Date: 05/22/2005
I like your car. Looks like you put heart into it. You look good driving it too.. Especially with me in the passenger seat..Love ya baby

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 04/07/2005
Yeah I know my car doesnt have much done to it, honestly I'm thinking of just giving up on modifying it, since I moved to Michigan and the roads are all dirt and full of potholes here, so lowering or body kits or anything like that are pretty much out of the question. I didn't mean to hate or anything with my last post, I was just making some suggestions, I still think you should lose the hoodscoop like everybody says. Honestly it's pretty tacky, since it's not even functional. It's stuff like that that domestic driving guys pick up on and give import modifiers such a hard time over. Oh, but anyways, yeah I didn't notice you were girl, sorry for calling you a dude!

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 03/13/2005
nice wing ,keep up the good work..

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/13/2005
The wing is a little to big but you already heard that.Anyways drop that thing and take off that bra,unless your riding to the mountains.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 03/11/2005
Well...hmmm, I don't really know what to say. Is that hood scoop actually functional, or is it just for looks? Also, I noticed you have listed in your future mods, electronic boost control, or a turbo...uh...those things are related bud, if you have a turbo, then you have boost, and could probably benefit from a boost controller, if you have no turbo, then you have no boost, and the controller would be a waste of time and money...I dunno dude, I respect the money you've put into your ride, but I'm not really into the "fast and furious" direction you're heading with it...but if it makes you happy then cool, that's all that matters, anyways, keep it up, later...

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/11/2005
I'm sorry, I usually try to give positive comments, but I don't like one thing about your Accord besides the fact that it's black. You really messed that poor car up with the spoiler and stick-on hood scoop. If you get rid of those, you'll be sittin a lot prettier. Just some constructive critisizim. Don't flip out....Late.

Posted By: 97CD5
Date: 03/11/2005
Hey I love the fourth generation Accords but I do have a few suggestions. I'm not hatin either. Lose the wing and hoodscoop. They make it look like this old '80 something cavalier I've seen around where I live. The car will look better without all of the big bulges everywhere. I can't really see the grille but looks decent from here. Lose the car bra in the summer too. Also the toxic emblem... get a colored Honda emblem from ebay for like 6 dollars. Once again these are just my suggestions but nice car. The rims are nice and I love the color and I think if you just kind of start over on the body parts, you'll find more people will turn their heads to look then if you kept it like it is now. Get a nice set of taillights from ebay and get the clear corners and bumper lights for the front. Otherwise... great car and welcome to HSO.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 03/11/2005
Hey jes numm nice going but id liek to se some more pics if u can get more that be cool and glad ur doing soem thing with ya car and lovign ya car do whatya can and keep us posted. check both my rides if u can both profiel has a link to eachother so andi just got my type r front lip having installed it or have picsof it but i wil get it pic soon as i can and stilhavent lowered the damn car yet sigh but ttyl.... and get a pose of u n ur car together :-p if u can lol it be cool peace