1992 Honda Accord EX
Owner: Marwan King (Marwan's Honda)
Date Added: 03/12/2005
Date Updated: 03/31/2005
Ride Specs

OEM 16 Valve Engine


Racing Pedals
Wheel Cover


Chrome peformance Muffler
White corners.


Factory Alloy Wheels




Sony Xplod
self hiding
CD head unit
Model #CDX-M610

Future Mods

17 inch rims
Body kit
Paint Job
cold air intake
all oem speakers upgraded

Posted By: Washani
Date: 08/29/2009
hello, saw you on craigslist, just wondering if this car is still available. my name is Rachel. you can reach me at washani1@gmail.com

Posted By: CRX_GURLS
Date: 03/23/2005
Dane's only 16 and a Sophomore in high school and so am I keep up thu work on thu car it's lookin good. I got a CRX I'm waiting to get paqinted if the prick don't stop caneling on me he was suppose to do it yeasday and get it back to me this week

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 03/22/2005
Hey.....thats what my '92 accord looked like when i got it...cept mine was completely stock down to the am/fm-cass.......its a good car to work with...lots of parts on ebay for it...check out mine...good luck

Posted By: Marwan's Honda
Date: 03/15/2005
Naw, I'm thinking of just finding a stock 92' Accord spoiler.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/13/2005
Whats up dog ? dont go with a big wing and slam that thing next

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 03/13/2005
thats cool dude keep us up dated .... really wanna see what u have inmind with ya car good luck ! if ya can check both my rides they both have links to eachother so yeah peace .....

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/12/2005
It's stock d00d....but good car to work with....keep it clean man. Late.