1991 Acura Integra LS-Special
Owner: Abdullah Ahmed (JDM from OT 613)
Date Added: 03/16/2005
Date Updated: 04/04/2006
Ride Specs

-B18A engine coming soon B16A2 engine swap.
-AEM Short Ram intake

...coming soon...

-Ram Air Intercooler
-Aluminum Rad
-DC Sports Chrome 4-2-1 Header
-Stage 2 clutchmasters sport clutch
-Skunk2 Manifold w/new throttle body


-Removed the door panels for now to put the new fabric on the car. Red leather with white suede on the door panels and the rear panels the dash will be red leather with white on accessories like the heat vents.

-Ractive Racing Seats
-Reverse Glow Gauges w/chrome bezel
-Gauge Pod with oil, temp, and battery level
-Red eurolite 15" neon tube under the dash and trunk
-7" indash DVD player w/two headrest TV's


-Front Mugen lip kit
-BWS side skirt
-Rear lip
-Rewired Foglights
-Paintjob on Apr. 28, 06 JDM white with red flakes
-AUTOLOC Lambo Doors
-M3 Side Mirrors
-Stock Spoiler
-Black projector headlamps w/HID conversion 8000K
-VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
-red eurolite underglow


-Spring Time!!! 17" Fast Wheels Storm Virus rims coming on this spring.


...coming Soon...
-Eibach prokit racing shocks and struts
-1.5" front and rear drop


two 10" Competition Alpine Type R subs
Pheonix Gold sub wires
2 Rockford Fosgate Farrad Caps

Future Mods

nothing come to mind yet maybe a weight reduction other than that nothing yet.

Posted By: albooogie
Date: 04/23/2005
nice whip man cool ride..

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/17/2005
Looks aight for stock....get that sh!t on there and you'll be doin aight. Late.

Posted By: OGda6
Date: 03/17/2005
two things,an LS special has a badge that denotes that it is a special,its a fairly rare car,second ,stay away from the bling,the DA teg looks lame done all fast and furious,stay O.G. or jdm,for a good example check out my teg,laters