1993 Honda Accord Secret
Owner: cha nigg (cha-nigg)
Date Added: 03/18/2005
Date Updated: 07/20/2006
Ride Specs

- Short Ram Intake...
- NGK-R Spark Plugs...
- Not Much, Pretty Much Just Fo' Sho...


- APC Shift Knob
- Stock Shift Boot


- Clear Corners and Signals...
- Painted Tailights...
- Short Fuba Anntena...
- Tinted Windows - 35% Front And 5% Rear..., got pulled over so had to strip it down except the back window...
- 1994 -1995 OEM Front Lip...

As Of 7/15/06

- M3 Mirrors...


- Stock 1995 Honda Accord Ex Rims...

As Of 7/15/06

- Honda ITR Rims...


- No Name Coilovers...


- Pioneer Head Unit 50x4...

Future Mods

- New Paint Job...
- Engine Swap To H22...
- Tranny Swap...
- Tinted Windows...

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 07/21/2006
the ITR rims look good, but I believe the EX alloys look a lil better. But its your ride

Posted By: 19 5th gen 96
Date: 07/21/2006
those 5th gen rims make it look clean as hell.

Posted By: 93greenenvy
Date: 05/10/2006
very clean cb7 looks good keep it up.check mine out

Posted By: cb7rider
Date: 11/11/2005
Clean ride brotha! d@mnn some how ur wheels look better than mine lol

Posted By: 92-93ACCORDS
Date: 10/03/2005

Posted By: MrFrijolero
Date: 09/13/2005
I love this ride even though it is simple, keep that thing a sleeper! thinking bout adding an H in there? My friend has a h22 in his 92 accord and omg you wont regret it. You must need a camber kit asap!

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 07/20/2005
not bad, pretty deep lower and maybe put mugen lip on it. keep on simple track you are on. I have similar one but not lower.

Posted By: 92_sleeper
Date: 03/20/2005
clean ride check mine out

Posted By: Project_D
Date: 03/20/2005
nice accord keep up the work and it would be bomb with the h22 in there

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/19/2005
I noticed you want a camber kit ? did you already lower the car i cant tell from the pics.At least you got snow were you live.Im jelous

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/19/2005
Looks pretty good man, keep it a sleeper and through that H in there...Nice project. Late.