1993 Honda Accord 2.2 se
Owner: yasin (wajid)
Date Added: 03/28/2005
Date Updated: 03/28/2005
Ride Specs

h22a 200 bhp dohc
hks induction kit
helix clutch
4 in to 1 manifold


full grey leather interior
air con
cruise control
full electic pack
el glow 6 colour indiglo dials
guages on dashboard (3) oilpressure battery and temp


de badged
clear wing repeaters
lexus gunmetel tail lights
clear front bumper lights
otto racing back box
de cat
colour coded door handles,side mirrors,
light window tint inc back screen
factory fitted spoiler
front and rear mugen strut bars ohh...
all car finished in pure white genuine honda colour
zenon hradlight bulbs
number plate 2.2 boss


17"dare v4 alloys sat on
low profile pirelli tyres 205/40/17


uprated brakes and calipers off a 2.2 vtec prelude
coil over suspension kit.
genune honda pads
4 wheel steering
one of hondas best model
2.2 se model


alpine head unit
kickers mids +tweeters
audio bahn 12"subs
audi bahn amps
nackamichi eq

Future Mods

turbo!!!! the beast
power is nothing without contol
first man then machine

Posted By: smoovy-uk
Date: 11/21/2005
Not bad Waj.

Posted By: 92_sleeper
Date: 04/16/2005
do you really have a h22 or are you one of those people
who say they have a swap to show off. why would you take a pick of those stock rusty headers.

Posted By: Marcus_Hogan81
Date: 04/10/2005
Oh yeah Love those wheels.

Posted By: Marcus_Hogan81
Date: 04/10/2005
clean ride. Don't change a thing, forget about altezza lights comment. Its your art, wear em with pride. I do.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/30/2005
Yeah for sure lose the altezzas

Posted By: 4thgenCB7
Date: 03/30/2005
lose the ALTEZZA'S and you'll have a pretty nice ride.

Or just get some Z3 fenders and an aluminum wing and apply for RICE BOY of the YEAR!

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 03/29/2005
I like the looks. H22, eh? Thats cool.

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/28/2005
Please post a pic of the actual motor, so i can believe you have an h in there.....Looks aight, minus the tails, tho. Let me know when you got the pics...Late