1992 Honda Civic CX
Owner: William Kitchens (85mmGSR)
Date Added: 04/25/2005
Date Updated: 08/12/2005
Ride Specs

95 USDM B18C1 GSR swap, Magnacor plug wires, AEM Cold-Air intake for a GSR modifited to fit my hatch, Tsudo 2.5" cat-back, tuned with Uberdata


JDM DB6 Integra steering wheel, 93 Prelude seats, JDM EG6 gauge cluster, ITR shift boot & shift knob


Painted Championship White (NH-O), TYC clear housing headlights, amber corners


Integra LS Mesh wheels (painted black), Falken Ziex 205/50/15 tires


rear disc conversion, Brembo cross drilled & slotted rotors, AEM brake pads, Tein SS coilovers, Energy Suspension bushings, Skunk2 front camber kit, Home Depot rear camber kit (washers), ITR front upper strut bar


Alpine CDA-7893 head unit, Kicker 6.5" mids, Infinity Perfect 10.1D sub, SPL 250 amp

Future Mods

10:1 SRP pistons, Eagle rods, and a slurbo!

Posted By: dapekluvr
Date: 12/29/2005
ehh clean hatch... i like da ls mesh painted black, i would of left the silver lip though... like da gsr swap...14.38 (double clutch it)... it looks clean and simple wat i like....

chek my hatch out


Posted By: horrse
Date: 12/03/2005
hey nice times... keep it up

Posted By: BlenDeR
Date: 11/29/2005
Clean ride. Fast too. I likes it.

Posted By: Type.R.Brains
Date: 11/27/2005
swap looks good keep up the work...

Posted By: horrse
Date: 09/06/2005
I'm lovin your style.. the black mesh looks cool.. keep it up

Posted By: MrFrijolero
Date: 08/02/2005
thats a clean ride nice job. goodluck with that turbo

Posted By: JDM-K20DC-2
Date: 06/17/2005
hey tnx for da coment i see u got ur motor in now=) keep up the good work

Posted By: 250_LuDe_BoI
Date: 06/03/2005
nice civic.. i want sum BC wheelz for my caR... anyways lookin goood!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 06/01/2005
Ehh, the blue I've had under there for years, literally. I had it for when I've had my car in local shows. But anyways, nice EG hatch.

Posted By: darklight
Date: 05/31/2005
Your car looks very much like my friend's eg hatch. Same motor too. Im sure you'll fly with a turbo. nice car! Keep it up bro.

Posted By: CRUZ
Date: 05/28/2005
Hey the homemade test pipe your talking about is just a a pipe replacing the Catalylic Converter ? right. I got that 2.5 cat back with the headers and the dude through in a High Flow Cataylic Conveter "TEST PIPE"

my car is super loud. and I'm kind of blowing blue smoke. does that seem normal ?? do you get smoke coming out of your pipes>? get back to me check out my ride..

Posted By: JDM-K20DC-2
Date: 05/17/2005
nice ride its gonna be pretty quick after ur motor is in..

check out mine whne u have the tyme=)

Posted By: 88crxhfbstng
Date: 04/30/2005
dope A@# suspension and brakes. Nice wheels I almost bought those. swap,swap,swap. good job so far. check out my Sleeper.

Posted By: krzyndalazdayz
Date: 04/29/2005
nice hatch

Posted By: d-block
Date: 04/29/2005
nice ride dawg looks nice ive always had a soft spot for whit hatches cheack me out when u get the chance.

Posted By: lsvtecteg
Date: 04/28/2005
nice car man you should go with b20 vtec

Date: 04/27/2005
very clean , yuo have the most beautyfull compact cars, i love civic HB 92 - 95 , CHEACK mi ride

Posted By: Renik
Date: 04/27/2005
nice rice bucket =)

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/26/2005
very nice. Let me know when you get the swap. Love the car.

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 04/25/2005
Looks real clean man...nice start. Get a swap in there!! Late.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 04/25/2005
Sweet .Your off to a good start