2001 Acura Integra GSR
Owner: Darren Zuchowski (AciDriveHB)
Date Added: 08/09/2005
Date Updated: 04/30/2006
Ride Specs

- Stock B18C1
- Optima Battery
- 'Dez' Upgraded Electrical Grounding Kit


- Stock leather
- APC Peddles


- GSR Trim
- Front turn signal clear corners


- Stock GSR 15in Rims with the stock tires on it


- Stock GSR


- Stock headunit and speakers
- Cobra ESD - 9210 Radar Detector
- Viper 791XV Security/Keyless Entry/Remote Starter

Future Mods


- Password:JDM Carbon Fiber PowerChamber short air intake
- GReddy EVO 2 exhaust
- GReddy or DC Sport 4-2-1 headers
- AEM TruPower underdrive pulley's (Power steering, altenator, and A/C if I can find it)
- AEM short shifter
- AEM Fuel rail- AEM fuel pressure regulator
- MSD electronic ignition
- Stage 2 clutch
- Lightened flywheel
- Skunk2 CAMs
- Skunk2 Cam Shafts
- Titanium valves
- Titanium valve springs
- Titanium retainers
- iridium spark plugs
- upgraded motor mounts
- upgraded pistons
- upgraded fuel pump

As for the rest of the engine mods, this car is going to be a sleeper. So most of the work will be done under the hood. Right now I'm just making a list of parts I have picked out, and things I would like to upgrade but haven't found out with what yet.


- 3 pod driver's door side gauge cluster
- Autometer air to fuel mixture
- Autometer vacuum/boost
- Autometer oil pressure
- MAYBE a gauge cluster
- Racing harness
- Gun metal shifter knob

Going to keep it pretty stock though. I love the leather interior of the GSR, everything black. Going to try to keep it pretty clean.


- TypeR trim kit
- MAYBE a body kit but I haven't seen anything I liked yet for a daily driver
- Repainted Honda factory red
- Red or white underbody lighting kit
- Wireless remote fog light kit or stock foglight kit

- Get my 16in Koneigs cleaned up and powder coated black
(no I won't sell the stock GSR rims)
- nice summer/rain tires


- Password:JDM 3 point front strut bar
- Password:JDM 4 point rear strut bar
- Password:JDM ASR subframe reinforcement plate
- Tein street suspension kit with EDFC
- Brembo big brake kit with pads
- Steel brake lines
(do they make upgrades ABS pumps)


- Upgrade component front speakers
- Upgrade coax rear speakers
- AMP to power the speakers
- Sub configuration that would fit around the rear strut bar
- AMP to power sub
- Hondata ECU upgrade

Posted By: ej1_girl
Date: 10/24/2005
good luck with your plans...love the gsr integra, thinking that's my next project.


Posted By: mrclickyheels
Date: 08/28/2005
your car is as pretty as mine and i love them both :P

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/26/2005
the car is in excellent condition. sounds like you getting a million dollars cuz all those mods you gonna put in it sound expensive. i hope it works out. looks wonderful already.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/11/2005
Sounds like you have a lot planned for it. Reading your plans for suspension, you're wasting your money on Tein adjustables if all you them for is loosening up the ride. Having owned a set for over 3 years now, I can tell you they won't do what you think they will in that sense. The dampening adjustment is to alter the handling of them for track purposes, you won't notice the differance really on the street. Yes the ride will be stiffer when adjusted to the top of the dampening, but I'm certain it won't do what you're expecting it to. When you stiffen up a car, you do it just for that, to stiffen it. Can't have both a stiff AND soft car, just isn't possible. I'd suggest a set of Tein Basics, and then perhaps getting a 1 or 2kg LESS spring rate on them when you order, that way it'll be stiff but not TOO stiff.

Also on the drilled rotors, I'd highly suggest either blanks instead or just slotted (Power Slots). The drills are for looks ONLY and WILL cause the rotors to crack and/or warp very prematurely. That's an almost proven fact. Not worth the look just to replace them every year. ;)

Other than those 2 things, all other plans sound good! Just take what I suggest with a grain of salt, and from someone with experience with those items. Give me a hollar if you want any advice or suggestions, and good luck!!

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 08/09/2005
Seems like you got a lot in store for it in the future...whateva you do keep it just as clean as it is now...Late.