1999 Honda Civic
Owner: Richard Boekhoudt (Ricky B)
Date Added: 11/13/2005
Date Updated: 05/08/2006
Ride Specs

Headers, intake.




Stock bumpers projector lamps and chrome tail lights


17" aerospeed reems


aerospeed drop springs 2"


Sony explod radio, pyle1000watt box, pioneer 5 way 500 watt speakers in the back and 3 way 200 watt in front, 1000 and 800watt legacy amp.

Future Mods

koning 18 inch mac reem, body kit, plans for a b-16 twin cam v-tec motor.

Posted By: sluggishEG
Date: 11/21/2007
I like your old wheels better...

Posted By: FlipMamba
Date: 07/12/2007
Props man clean ride

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 03/18/2007
NICEEEE!!!! Check out my civic let me know what u think

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 01/02/2007
loooks good bro same like mine. suggestion loose the tailights. check out my civic let me know what u think.

Posted By: joe27
Date: 09/29/2006
hi man, i dont have my account or pics up yet just registered. like your car i have same 4 door but black. just got my windows tinted but da rear window is kinda crap cause he coudnt tint behind the brake light so it looks kinda odd, so just wanted to know if you had the same problem or did ya figure out hw to remove that panel behind the seat which it is connected to...

Posted By: dketter23
Date: 06/25/2006
like what you've done with it... nice clean lookin ride... i love white cars. come check out my si if you get the chance

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/08/2006
Sweat!!! I Took some New pics also, but not at the Beach yet...... It was at the Los Angeles River near my Pad.... I haven't gone to that spot I told you about Regarding the Engines, I'm still on top of it though... Check me out >>>Later<<<

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/26/2006
You know There's a spot a few miles from me (Not too Far) that has Engines, Trannys and all that stuff..... I've been wanting to go to get some Prices myself! I'll see what they have in store for our 4-Doors. Well, they have Everything and Anything you want (Depends what you want and How Much $$$ you got) I don't know what I want either, But I do want something else.... Mainly for Looks,, not speed! Ofcourse it's going to be faster but I want to make it look Real Good! After my BodyKit though and other little Details..... You could get at me on my Profile rather than E-Mail if you have a ??.... Go ahead and Let me know about your Ride!! >>>Later<<<

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/22/2006
Thanks Dawg!! My Boss went to Aruba Recently on his last Vacation, and he said it was nice! Good to see a 4-Door over there.... Looking good eh, Couple things I would do,, You see the Silver on the ends of the Tail Lights?? I'd Paint that White (the same color of your car, to try match it), and the Tint in the Rear, you should of covered everything without cutting the Brake light section. Unless the law is harder than Los Angeles!! But your Ride looks Good though,,, Keep it Clean Dawg!! I want to take some Pics of my Ride at the Beach,, I'll hit you up when I do. Ofcourse it's not going to look as good as your shores!! Lol >>>Later<<<

Posted By: Civic Mi7ke
Date: 04/20/2006
yo dawg thats a tight ride keep up the good work and check me out when you get a chance holla playa

Posted By: robs4drautosir
Date: 01/17/2006
clean as sedan homie

Posted By: phixion
Date: 12/01/2005
Nicely put together 4dr. I don't usually like projector headlights or Euro style tails, but both work fine on your car. Keep up the good work and good luck! I'd definitely keep the rims you have though, they are nice and lighter than "18's.

Posted By: boricuaL3
Date: 11/21/2005
Hey man, i like what your doing to your 4dr...looking good, i have a white 4dr as well so its good to see how things look before i go through with my ideas...like tinting the windows, but i guess it looks alright.....gl with it. peace

Posted By: Jerzballa
Date: 11/21/2005
clean civic yo...I had the same taillights but took them off cause the bulb made them melt...b careful of that...check mine out, i have a 4 door 2

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 11/16/2005
In Australia I have good contacts.

Posted By: jkjllkloijkl
Date: 11/15/2005
Nice car but the rear looks to be a 96-98 model

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 11/15/2005
Looks pretty cool, lose the engine.

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 11/14/2005
TAILS = The Taillights...Go for some OEM ones, they ruin the flow.

Posted By: Holland
Date: 11/14/2005
what happend to a d16 in your civic? i never knew they made a b-serious 1.4l

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 11/14/2005
looks good. very clean and cool rims. too bad about the 1.4

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 11/14/2005
NICE! Take off the tails and lower it some more and you'll be looking real good....Late.