1997 Honda Accord 2dr cpe
Owner: y-m-i-so-low (y-m-i-so-low)
Date Added: 03/29/2006
Date Updated: 04/01/2006
Ride Specs

16 valve , just getting started, but will come out .






velocity 18" # 627, with toyo 215/35/18


drop zone


pioneer, head unit, 12" fostgate subs, 1-1000 watts fostgate amp, 1-400 watts fostgate

Future Mods

v tec

Posted By: Jerzeytnt
Date: 02/25/2009
Hey man what kind of spoiler is that I was thinking about gettin one for myself I have a 95 accord 2 door and I think the spoiler looks sick.

Posted By: jestuning
Date: 07/20/2007
clean ride man ,much props, check mine out

Posted By: J30A
Date: 05/29/2007
Great Looking Accord.... the lips you put on fit that car perfect

Posted By: nspec
Date: 11/28/2006
hey man. i'm gonna be selling my headlights pretty soon, (as soon as I get me custom ones ready) plus i'll throw in the clear side markers and the clear front bumper. let me know if u are interested. i wanted to let u guys know before i put'em up on ebay for sale.

the only thing u might not like will the corner the passenger side corner light, that was repaired.

so here is what will be included:

- black housing headlights w/ corner lights. w/ Sylvania Bright White light bulbs included ( just those alone were like 40 bucks and both are new.

- clear front bumper lights w/ some nice blue bulbs

- clear jdm type fender lights.

look at my pictures to see whats included.

i'll email u more if u need em.

Posted By: HID_accord
Date: 08/29/2006
thats a nice cd5 like the lip kit the wing hell sick. stop by and check out my ride

Posted By: stratijikal
Date: 07/27/2006
where did you get the lip kit? Im looking for one right now.

Posted By: BlenDeR
Date: 06/22/2006
Clean overall, I like the lip kit, but I'll pass on those rims and headlights.

Posted By: 95AccordEX
Date: 05/11/2006
nice choice of lip kit, is that a mugen or spyder style spoiler?

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 05/08/2006
yeh man would look real good atually theres a type r yellow accord around my hood like ur year he got the yellow n blck theme going he got lambo doors suicde trunk 19 inch racing heart c2's c/f hood and trunk slammed and he got a lip kit simular to urs and i think dat ni99as ***** is clean s fruck but u gettin thea u ma close lol but yea clean accord man good luck good job peace...........

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 04/29/2006
d@mn son this is the cleanest accord up in hea wow good ***** ight b rep points given....1....

Posted By: reAlLesT
Date: 04/29/2006
!sIccK wHipP!

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/07/2006
Looks I think is what matters the most now. Keep it Clean Dawg. What's wrong with your Interior (Incomplete)?? Love the Tail Lights....your Wing?? eh, looks clean though.. Check mine out. >>>Later<<<

Posted By: mrjoker1us2
Date: 04/06/2006
nice looking ride, come check mine out some time

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/31/2006
nice accord. love the taillights. check out mine too.

Posted By: Vanquished
Date: 03/30/2006
man those taillights are sick as hell!!!! Overall is an awsome car, very well done!!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/30/2006
I was gonna knock the rims you have, but as i looked more at your pics they actually don't look bad with the look your Accord has. I like the wing you have, clean simple and sleek! Keep up the good work!