1995 Acura Integra SE 4-door
Owner: Dane (dufus_dane)
Date Added: 04/07/2006
Date Updated: 04/07/2006
Ride Specs





the lot that sold it to me told me it has GS-R tailights, butt im not sure if thats right or not, and i have a muffler im about to get put on.


about to order my 17" Kobe Envy Black rims




Kenwood Excelon
DVD head unit
12" subs

Future Mods

body kit, black altezza's, 4 channel amp for mids and tweets, probably a paint job.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 08/11/2006
Hey I think the dealership was right about the tail lights being different, I'm not sure if they're from a GSR but they're definately not the orignal tails. In 94-97 models the turn signals on the tails were orange.

Anyways, nice looking ride, keep it clean. Check out my 97 coupe sometime.

Posted By: CRX_GURLS
Date: 04/22/2006
I'm doin great She never showed up to TNT this year heard she messes hr shoulder up pretty bad. She totaled that CRX I saw it man I swear. A deer took her windsheild out it's a miracle she walked away from it. Daryle and I went up to White Co. not to long ago it's up on BonAir near some farm ask her about it. Tell her to give me a yell and ask her what she's gonna do with the neon. Neons arent the best cars but some of them are nice and after what she did to a peice that that rex was when she first got it into what it was she's got it good when it coes to cars man well I'll see ya

Posted By: CRX_GURLS
Date: 04/09/2006
are you the same kid who had the accord? If so You've gotten yourself a good car. I haven't seen andrea in awhile ask her why she didn't go to TNTR when you see her next and post me back. see ya....nice car btw

Posted By: Philly051684
Date: 04/08/2006
thanx man, if ur gonna get a body kit......dont get the bomex, everyone with an integra has it.....good luck hookin up ur whip!

Posted By: odie
Date: 04/07/2006
thanks man