1993 Honda Accord ex
Owner: Gabe Arredondo (93greenenvy)
Date Added: 05/09/2006
Date Updated: 02/28/2007
Ride Specs



Accord SE Full leather interior


Mculloch 10,000K HID Kit, JDM onepiece Black housing headlights, white & red taillights. JDM foglights (yellow)
mugen front lip




Drop zone coilovers& struts, Energy Suspension Front & rear Swaybars


Kenwood DDX7017 DVD headunit, JBL 5 1/4 component front speakers, Acoustic 6X9 rear. 2,12 JLw3v2 1000watt rockford amp

Future Mods

G-square grill ,f20b soon to be installed ,maybe boosted, repaint, manual conversion, EDM rear foglight, Thermal catback, wagon front rotor upgrade,removable steering wheel

Posted By: Blazeteck
Date: 08/10/2007
car is looking good man keep up the good work !!! check mines out


Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 03/28/2007
Any update about fog light? How was your car right now cause you told me it was into accident.

Posted By: Jerzballa
Date: 03/21/2007
clean ride bro..ima be moving to maryland in the summer maby we will run into each other..hows the import scene out there

Posted By: Black On Black
Date: 03/17/2007
I had the JDM tails like you, but they were defective and I can't find anymore

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 03/15/2007
how much for the fogs? and how much for the frontlip and rear lip

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 03/15/2007
Hey man! Check mine ride out, I am sorry about your totalled Accord, is their any picture up there?

Let me know about the Fog light for my 91's Accord. I am still waitting for the pictures.

Hope everything went well and maybe find other same kind of Accord?


Posted By: almostJDM
Date: 03/09/2007
do you know which F20B you got? also i wouldnt recommend boosting the f20b unless ya got the money to completly build it cause with its 11:1 compression its not to boost friendly can ya take some pics of the f20b your putting in

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 03/07/2007
what year fogs you trying to sell.. i want some bad

Posted By: almostJDM
Date: 03/04/2007
loving your car mang, oh and so everyone know no the f20b wasnt from the s2k of euro model accords it comes in the accord/torneo sir and sir-t models :P keep it up

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 02/23/2007
Yes yes... Please do this.. You can e mail to Jonguerci@hotmail.com for all of picture of foglight and the HID visible at night... does the foglight come with extra wire and switch? Let me know bud.


Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/22/2007
hey man, ur car's lookin hot. i love those jdm headlights. and is that real mugen lip? if yeah, i'll definately end up getting one more my car and custom fit it in.

the f20 ur gonna put in. is that from S2000? or the European accord?

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 02/17/2007
By the way, how bright the 10,000k HID effect the night compare to regular one? Are you able to picture and compare between regular light and the 10,000 HID.

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 02/17/2007
Awesome! Remember the 91 fog light is design different than 92 and 93 fog light between two is a different bumper. I would appreciate your help find me one. If you find one, I will like to have PICTURE to be sure that is excatly matched for 91's bumper. Let me know where and Cost? Thanks man!

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 02/15/2007
Hey bud, Nice job on getting the Lip! and Foglight! look awesome. I already got Lip, black housing JDM project too. Last thing I need to find a 91's OEM foglight. Very HARD to find in Ebay or so.

By the way, did you use the 10,000k HID kit on both high and low beam? how much cost and where do you get from? Ebay? Let me know bud.

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 02/14/2007
cleannnnnnnn where did you get those headlights and bumper?

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 02/14/2007
I got it on ebay

Posted By: typer272727
Date: 02/12/2007
i like your ride,i always wanted that accord and never bought it i dont know why,i had the 89 accord and the 96 accord.

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 02/10/2007
where can I find a front lip like that,nice job.

Posted By: Redline96LX
Date: 12/30/2006
Very good move on the red/white taillights, they make the back end look twice as good.

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 11/21/2006
Great looking. Very clean. Body looks new. Any engine pics.? Keep it up.

Posted By: El Mostro 213
Date: 11/17/2006
hey bro i like ur car is real clean . keep up the good work

Posted By: 1 clean cb7
Date: 08/24/2006
Clean ride, much props. Keep it clean n simple bro!

Posted By: gukedizzle
Date: 07/17/2006
350.00 garage sale

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 07/09/2006
the dash lights were really easy to swap. took 10 minutes to do. the climate control however, was a pain in the ass. got the bulbs from autolumination.com

Posted By: Team TeNsioN
Date: 07/04/2006
these are sum old pix man, right after it got painted, and yea i hate those tail lights, but im in da process of gettin sum new pix, tryna get on your level lol l8tr, bless

Posted By: TurboChica
Date: 06/30/2006


Posted By: flaco2
Date: 06/29/2006
nice nice i like what uve done with the headlights looks good hopefully one day mine will get thea lol its a work in progress now its gonna b running a h22 soon but look wise its gonna look like it does now.. but anyways clean accord rep points given... good luck and thanks for the post.....1.....

Posted By: hahakenny
Date: 06/29/2006
Regarding the tv mount, if you've got a Tweeters near you, they can order it. I think Crutchfield can send you one too. Don't pay more than $20 though.

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 06/23/2006
looks fast ..................... not j/k nice

Posted By: horrse
Date: 06/23/2006
to get the integra cluster to work you have to get the integra plugs also, don't know bout your car though. Then you can either repin it or just tap your extisting wires. Most of the wires are color code, only a few were switch around. The only thing that doesn't really work is the light that comes on when you fuel is low.

Posted By: hahakenny
Date: 06/22/2006
Love your TV also, but what's up the mount? I tried using that same mount but it came out kinda wierd. I got mine from a stereo equipment store for $20. You should try it! :) Nice ride btw.

Posted By: BAY AREA 408
Date: 06/16/2006
i just installed the muffler is a magnaflow u can find it on ebay for less than a 100

Posted By: MAGA√ĎA
Date: 06/11/2006
nice car check mine out and let me know what u think

Posted By: Frostbite635
Date: 05/22/2006
Nice car, love it, mine still stock at the time. The paint job is nice and the fact that you make it look so clean without a spoiler or wing is nice. Also like the fact that you dont use a body kit, i cant use one here, i'd have to get bags or it'd get ripped off by speed bumps.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 05/21/2006
Hey dude Nice jobonur head lights man I gotta do that withmine soon, but hey I was wondering if you have a closer up pix of your head light? I wanna see what part were painted and what wasnt.

Posted By: fm_acura6
Date: 05/18/2006
nice with the cf trunk and hood...where'd you get the trunk or did you have to custom make it?

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 05/17/2006
I'm going to use odyssie or acura TL.Do u have the bumper for the fog lights?

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/14/2006
My Air Cylinders rides good...... In my point of view, cause there's a lot of people I've seen that they put the Air Ride and after a short while, they take it off cause they don't like the way it rides.... I enjoy the way it rides a lot, plus it helped me slow down a bit in the Highway and I don't speed up as much, It's better cause I get to cruise it everywhere I go now!! I wanted them anyways cause of my driveway and also cause I get to adjust the hieght with a flick of a switch - Plus I like Slamming it when I park in a lot and places like that..... Let me know when you do more hook ups to the Accord Dawg - keep it clean >>>Later<<<

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 05/13/2006
Very nice set up,I'm going to put my factory fog ligths on ebay soon check them on my page.

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 05/13/2006
Hey man, Ask you question how much you drop low on rear and how for front? I am still thinking about get Shunk2 coil with adjustable. How was ride? smooth or bumpy?

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 05/11/2006
thank you for the feedback. Yeah I have a OEM headlight in garage and I would like to make it blackhousing this summer. Did you do like yours? By the way, MGN lip was brought from E bay 2 year ago for 115 buck. Love it so far. how much it cost for 10,000K HID kit? from E bay?

Posted By: horrse
Date: 05/10/2006
nice, I like the HID's too. where did you get the HFP sticker? That's tight

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 05/10/2006
Looks pretty nice man, good work!

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 05/10/2006
Loving those accord model! Good job! Muffler seem so RUST don't it? How good the headlight with Mculloch 10,000k HID kit at night? do you either use with high beam too? Like the black hood/trunk. Keep it up man! Check mine out

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/10/2006
Looks clean... I like the Rims. Head Unit looks cool too!! Check me out some Time Dawg...... >>>Later<<<