1995 Acura Integra
Owner: justin (cory's honda)
Date Added: 05/13/2006
Date Updated: 07/05/2006
Ride Specs

AEM cold air intake
DC Sports exhaust system
DC Sports racing Header
Viper Auto starter


Teal interior neons


Mess grill
Self made Acura rear divider
OEM Style Carbon Fiber hood






TomTom GPS navigator

Future Mods

Audio - new head unit(possible T.V.), interior speekers, and Amp.

Exterior - Gunmetal rims 5 spoke

Posted By: Black Beauty
Date: 10/25/2006
I think it sounds good, are you going for show? or race?

Posted By: 19 5th gen 96
Date: 06/03/2006
there are lots of dark green accords on here bro.....you need to give me a link or sumthin.

Posted By: 19 5th gen 96
Date: 06/01/2006
dude...what accord??? this is an integra....i dont see any pictures of an accord!

Posted By: 19 5th gen 96
Date: 05/22/2006
yeah i can tell you, but it wont help you, cause you dont have an accord.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 05/17/2006
lol, i think u forgot u have an integra! it looks nice too. the first thing u should do is drop it and then get some rims. i should have dropped my car earlier, but will do it soon.

i raced a friend w/ a similar teg, w/ the same engine, and there wasnt a big difference, like 10 ft. i was surprised by my car's performance. or may be it was him, he probably didnt knew how to shift gears fast.

but any ways, ttyl

Posted By: CivicDuty
Date: 05/16/2006
like itthe car. not for the stockness, but for the little custom touchs ur putting into it, keep it up, and ull have a full on show car soon