1998 Honda Accord
Owner: Justin Killian (pimpshit)
Date Added: 06/20/2006
Date Updated: 05/21/2007
Ride Specs

2.3 sohc v tec, chrome hedder, cold air intake, voltage stabilizer, performance chip, 10.2 mm spark plug wires


white face gauges with 3d bezel cluster, red and black seat covers{helps cut down mess with a baby}, chrome shifter trim,


triple halo angel eye projectors, black and red tails, carbon fiber m3 mirrors w/ l.e.d.s.,


17" limited 341 chrome rims with kumho escta 205/45/17


upper front strut bar, lower and upper rear tie bar and strut bar, soon to be cross drilled rotors


kenwood head unit, two 12" jl{the best} audio w3's powered by a 300/2 jl amp, jl mids and highs, xm radio dvd, and navi, not tomtom

Future Mods

got the r34 body kit in the basement and im going to paint it in the next week or two, lambo doors, new fenders not sure what kind yet dont want what every 1 already has, carbon firer hood, nos and turbo port and polished rsx engine, it will fit, new and bigger rims, air brushed paint by me of course, and what ever i can think of next

Posted By: 01 accrd 4dr
Date: 03/06/2008
those rims look wack bro no offense just being straight up

Posted By: pimpshit
Date: 06/28/2006
alright when i can make it to where u r from ill get my project car 93 civic hb finished we can meet up and run em 4 pinks, ill post sum pics of it in a few weeks, u gotta shop of ur own or someone elses

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 06/23/2006
haha thats why ill smoke the ***** out of you

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 06/21/2006
i can tell that work has been done by an ameture and loose those gay a$$ rims