1998 Acura Integra RS
Owner: Jason T (spoondc2)
Date Added: 07/18/2006
Date Updated: 08/17/2007
Ride Specs

2000 Spec Spoon B18C
Spoon Valve Cover
Spoon Kevlar Plug Cover
Spoon LSD
Spoon Throttlebody
MSD 8.5mm Sparkplug Wires
Samco Radiator Hose Set
AEM Fuel Rail
J's Racing CF Intake
J's Racing 4-1 Header
J's Racing Titanium Exhaust
T1R Rad Cap
Mugen Oil Cap
Motul 300V Oil


JDM DC2 Black Recaros With Red Stitch
Spoon Gauge Cluster
Spoon Steering Wheel
Works Bell Hub & Quick Release
Takata 4 Point Harnesses
JDM ITR CF Climate Control
JDM ITR Rear Bench
ITR Floor Mats
T1R B Max Titanium Shift Knob


Custom Paint
JDM Front End Conversion
C West Front Bumper
Black Housing Headlights
Helios HID 9000K
Vertical Door Kit
Shaved Side Mouldings
Shaved Trunk Badge
Type R OEM Optional Style Sideskirts
JDM ITR Rear Bumper
Tein Hood Dampers


JDM ITR 5 Lug Conversion
16" Mugen MF-10 wrapped with BF Goodrich Tires
J's Racing Aluminum Lugnuts
T1R 5mm Spacers


Spoon Adjustable Coilovers
Spoon Twin Block Calipers
Spoon Front Tower Bar
Spoon Rear Tower Bar
JDM ITR Control Arms
Brembo Drilled Rotors
Braided Steel Brake Lines
Motul Brake Fluid


Alpine CDA 9835 Head Unit
Alpine Type-R 6 1/2" Coaxials
Alpine Type-R 6 1/2" Components
Alpine 1000W Mono-block Amplifier
Alpine 4X75W Amplifier
2 12" Type-R DVC Subwoofers
Alpine 1 Farad Cap.
Full Alpine Wiring
T1R Stabilizer
Apexi Power FC & Commander
Custom Built-In Box

Future Mods

J's Racing 3DGT CF Wing (On Order)
Spoon Radiator (On Order)
Spoon OEM CF Hood (On Order)
Spoon Carbon Kevlar Seats (On Order)
Spoon Sparkplug Wires (On Order)
Spoon Brake Rotors (On Order)
Spoon Brake Pads (On Order)
Spoon CF Lip (Waiting to Install)
J's Racing CF Duct (Waiting to Install)
JDM CF Ash Tray (Waiting to Install)
JDM CF Cup Holder (Waiting to Install)
JDM ITR Shift Boot (Waiting to Install)
MDI Ignition (Waiting to Install)
JDM ITR Front Bumper (Waiting to Install)

Date: 09/06/2007
wow dats nice man real mugen wheels 2 not rotas nice not feelin da yellow valve cover or the body kit style bumper

Posted By: dc5_racer
Date: 08/16/2006
I love the seats.. I want it. The car looks awesome .. Keep it up... Nice JDM combo.. Wanna trade??

Posted By: nspec
Date: 08/12/2006
hey man. ur car looks awesome. i really want one of those, really bad! gl

Posted By: CivicDuty
Date: 08/05/2006
oh man, you had help building up your own car!!! feels better driving a car that you personaly built, try it and ull like it, the car does look nice though

Posted By: JDM-K20DC-2
Date: 07/27/2006
so u finally mad one of these huh? nice motor hahaha

Posted By: 250_LuDe_BoI
Date: 07/21/2006
but dude u gotta learn how to take pix mang HAHAHHA

Posted By: 250_LuDe_BoI
Date: 07/21/2006
jason u baller!!! hahaha car looks tiiite now!!!

Posted By: spoondc2
Date: 07/19/2006
I'll put up the pics of the engine and interior once I get everything installed, hopefully within the next couple of weeks here

Posted By: Acura_Teg94
Date: 07/18/2006
Very nice clean car lets see some engine and interior pics!!!