1996 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Alonzo Rodriguez (Big Zo)
Date Added: 07/31/2006
Date Updated: 09/11/2006
Ride Specs

CAI,jdm headers,prelude computer (7,500 redline) hell yeah




Red & Clear Taillights


17" Velox VX-8
205/40/17 Kumho Ecstas 711


Skunk2 Coilovers


Pioneer Premier

Future Mods

Turbo kit till i blow the 3 f22's I just got. first to boost is f22b2 homeboy had one pushin 14psi ran low 13's high 12's. afta i blow that one i also got f22a1 & f22a4. Boost here i come! Afta 3 blown f22's Im goin for the JDM F20B or H22A.

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 09/27/2006
nice drop and i also like the wheels, those look just right on there, gl with your future mods

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 09/11/2006
Why not just sell all the F22s you have and do your H22 swap now, if that's what you ultimately want anyway? It seems like a crapload of extra work and a waste of 3 perfectly good motors to install, tune, boost and blow all three of them...

Posted By: Triumphite3000
Date: 09/02/2006
Nice car, lousy camera. Would like to see some nice exterior shots. Looks nice from what I can see