1994 Honda Accord Dark Green
Owner: Mitch (Fergo_88)
Date Added: 08/14/2006
Date Updated: 08/14/2006
Ride Specs

2.2 VTEC engine, 3 1/2 inch Air Intake System, Drift Pod Filter, Magnaflow 2 1/4" twin cannon exhaust


Pristine condition stock interior


Black Window Tint, eyelids


17" Speedy Arrius rims, non directional Toyos.


King Springs, H/duty Coils, lowered 2".


Alpine 6 disc CD Changer, stock head unit.

Future Mods

19" chrome Gestaults, airbag suspension, engine rebuild and recondition, paint respray, interior re-upholstered with white leather trim, 2x 10" subs, Amp and replacement head unit.

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 04/27/2007
thatz a bad car, keep up the good work

Posted By: jav94
Date: 02/20/2007
nice car man really nice

Posted By: mrmatt921
Date: 08/19/2006
Nice car, show some engine pics check my ride out im still workin on it tho