1990 Honda CRX white /black
Owner: sam echevarria (boosted ef 9)
Date Added: 09/11/2006
Date Updated: 10/10/2006
Ride Specs

The car was a stock HF and we did a d16 si motor swap,92 civic dx manifold modified fro a turbo flange,a t25 turbo off of a gst dsm ,arp studs,custom intercooler pipes,oem clutch (for now),custom tuned comp,255 walbro in line fuel pump ,custom wire tuck (done by me),k/n air filter,aem fpr external,ngk spark plugs plat,and 8.3 mm wires.


fully gutted ,removed all heat and a/c components,rpm 5",carbon fiber boost gauge ,engine temp cauge cheapy turbo timer (custom fit to where the clock should be ,battery relocation to back of car ,all of the trunk was painted flat black .


white stock paint ,custom jdm yellow head lights black hood black hatch ,custom black and yellow turn signals all wheel wells rubberized under coating ,


6 93 honda civic 13" vx wheels 4 with new yoko tires and 2 with 13" dinkie slicks


all stock suspension (for now) 92 dx spindles and hubs with si front disc up grade



Future Mods

full tein suspension, bigger intercooler t3/t4 turbo setup jdm sir front end conversion, stage 2 skunk 2 turbo cam and stage 3 toda head package (i already have it just havnt got it on ) custom racing downpipe still street leagle and street leagle straight pipe 3"

Date: 01/30/2008
it looked like a k20 4rm far away!!

Posted By: jeffiej
Date: 12/26/2007
nice job man! I also got yellow lights, but only my corners! keep it up!

Posted By: dipsetroc889
Date: 02/22/2007
yo the rex is hot. do u got any qtr mile times

Posted By: slic
Date: 02/08/2007
vrey nice how did u come across the headlights very hot

Posted By: horrse
Date: 10/25/2006
another question, toda made a head package for that motor? where did you get that? or is it for another motor

Posted By: horrse
Date: 10/25/2006
nice I like the look. got any time slips yet? is it tuned?

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 10/17/2006
im asking $250 never been used i got sponsers thrw my work at extreme parts

Posted By: hahaha
Date: 10/16/2006
yea ITS QUICK your is pretty good i have eagle rods for a zc let me know

Posted By: civicGIRL99
Date: 09/13/2006
Looks good. Ever taken it to track, or are you just into the dragstrip?

Posted By: robs4drautosir
Date: 09/12/2006
im feelin the crx, i always wanted to know what they run wit the 1.6 vtec motors in them i heard there fast as ***** wit just a single swap