1994 Honda Accord EX VTEC
Owner: Aaron (JDM PANDA)
Date Added: 09/28/2006
Date Updated: 01/02/2007
Ride Specs

H22A SiR
AEM short ram intake
DC Sports header
Megan Racing cat back exhaust


DC sports shift knob
XM radio
JDM 3 spoke steering wheel


mugen style front lip(its painted just not in the pics), hood shim and whatever else you see


slips with a cheap off brand tire because they last the longest!
Red lugs


Tein coilovers
Brembo slotted brake roters


XM radio

Future Mods

i did have other plans but i dont know for right now. something new has popped up and im working on that right now :)

Posted By: A-cord
Date: 11/15/2008
***** son! I got the same model & year.... I was hoping maybe you got anwers to some of my questions, like are the accord lx coupes' rare? because I dont see many of the 94' models anymore.... by the way love your car keep it kleen its probably still doing beeter than mine.

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 01/18/2007
Let me Know Wat U think..... I need Ideas.... Let me know if I should keep this thing or Get 91 civic wagon that they are sellin in a lot>>>>> Holla at me.... Wat should I do with this thing if i dont race and how can i make it look pretty????

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 01/10/2007
Very nice, let's see the engine.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 01/07/2007
Whaaaa?!!!!! your moving to London? are your fam there or soem thing is that where your from? wow intersting though but alright good luck to everything your doing man :-p

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 01/06/2007
who did ur swap? and whered u get the tein coilovers?

my azz

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 01/02/2007
HmmiM curious about ur new plans that ur working on now what is it ? LOL

Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 12/30/2006
How do you make your hood like that ??

Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 12/30/2006
Love love the new pics lol

Posted By: yellow-cockster
Date: 12/23/2006
nice ride you should get another set of rims, let your ride stand out

Posted By: CD5acrd
Date: 12/09/2006
Thanx, don't listen to C.Freak69. He is a poser trying to drift a Civic....lol. Real drift cars don't have amps and subs in the back. What a joke. He is hard parker that watches too much "fast & furious" not a real driver. Keep your Accord clean.

Posted By: horrse
Date: 12/02/2006
yeah I don't know why he said your car is a joke, its one of the cleanest accords that not all body kit'd out.

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 12/02/2006
HAAA ok where can i start with this "c.freak69" guy.. lets see first u cant even spell CAR u dumb *****.. im gona just gona stop there this cracks me up..

aaron we all kno ur car is the ***** :)

Posted By: nspec
Date: 11/28/2006
hey man. i'm gonna be selling my headlights pretty soon, (as soon as I get me custom ones ready) plus i'll throw in the clear side markers and the clear front bumper. let me know if u are interested. i wanted to let u guys know before i put'em up on ebay for sale.

the only thing u might not like will the corner the passenger side corner light, that was repaired.

so here is what will be included:

- black housing headlights w/ corner lights. w/ Sylvania Bright White light bulbs included ( just those alone were like 40 bucks and both are new.

- clear front bumper lights w/ some nice blue bulbs

- clear jdm type fender lights.

look at my pictures to see whats included.

i'll email u more if u need em.

Posted By: C.FREAK69
Date: 11/27/2006
ur kar is a feaking joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 11/21/2006

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 11/07/2006
Hey man hows it going ? nice rims man you knwo you and Justin should take a pic together both of your ridesI thinkit look sweet if more rides more awsome Im tryignto get all my friend together to take a nice pic but dman cant get them all together at once ha ha ha

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 11/02/2006
OHH sweet I think I knwo what they look like too nice choice man! them Rota ones wow you get a picture up of that rims like a sample one. Justin did taht b4 LOL so we all knew whats coming for him it was pretty cool.


Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 11/01/2006

Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 10/29/2006
Hey mann , i bought my pate relocater on www.passwordjdm.com great site & im preety sure if you go to like an muffler/just like a specialty shop they will slant the exhuast for you hehe payce bro

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 10/29/2006
HA HA yeah I knw but I already lowered it to the fullest my coils could take on my red car and the back I did a bit evenly, but it could go waymore down but it didnt look right heh but I get too many scraps o n th ebottom for all 6 speed bumps I go through when going out or coming back home. so on this Accord I didnt lower it that much. I have a link to my Maroon Accord I used to own its the same year, model n trim as the one I have now.


Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 10/25/2006
Wow does it ever look awsome bro ,really it look soo good seeing it almost makes me wanna get my self a CD7 lol keep up the good work the only thing id do is slant the exhaust hehe payce bro

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 10/23/2006
LOL yeah I know those are knock offs I had asked justin and he told me he sold them to you but hey the pictures you had posted are kinda dark I had lighten themup a bit so the rims are hella easier to see, wouldit be coolif Ijust email them pix to you? let me know with ur email k?

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 10/18/2006
Hey man hows it goign sweet drop you really dropped it liek its hot man! wow ! and nice azz rims LOL I got the same rimson now but in black I had painted themblack I have another set of themwhich Im getting them in silver. Also when you get them rota slips let me know Id liek to see th epicx of them what size are they?


Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 10/13/2006
when i say buy it..meaning the one i have now lol

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 10/13/2006
im gona be orderin a cf mugen front grill soooo u kno what that means..

u wana buy it!!?? haha

Posted By: FerioKIDd
Date: 09/30/2006
Yea man wicked drop looks nicee lool how many inches is it drop'd ....hit me up pleasee

Posted By: nspec
Date: 09/28/2006
Sweet drop man. i wish my car was that low. i know a dude w/ 2dr same color as ur and dropped all the way. his car looks off the hook. he's got lights like mine and a black tint.

but any ways check out mine too. i just installed a apexi ws2 exhaust.

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 09/28/2006
the guy flaked on me so im 90% sure im gona take the wheels off for u..he said hes goin through a divorse and all this bla bla bla and he has to try to get money through court to get the car so i dont c how thats gona work out. so i guess ill take the rims off and drop the price

Posted By: s2kguy07
Date: 09/28/2006
wow...sweeeeettt ness woo