1992 Honda Accord wagon
Owner: Robert Lugo (El Mostro 213)
Date Added: 10/29/2006
Date Updated: 01/21/2007
Ride Specs

stock 2.2 F22


stock. for now


It has blue HIDs


18" Tenzo Rims
18" chrome rims soon putting pics


lowered the wagon


Most of what it has


1) 4 10' RCF speaker Better than EV's
2) 2 15' alphasonik Mayhem Bass
3) 4 6 1/2 Beymas speakers


1) Hifonics BRUTUS 2000 Watts Class D Mono
2) Hifonics TITAN 1200 Watts 4 Channels
3) Hifonics TITAN 1200 Watts 4 Channels


1) 2 Beyma Competition Tweeters


1) 6.5" pioneer Indash with Navi


1) 4,9"


1) 15.4 Flipdown


1) 2 Sunvisors 8"

Liscence Plate camera


1) 3 optima Bateries YELLOW TOP
1) 1 Stinger isolator


1) Stinger wires


20 FARAD Capacitor


Future Mods

everything to it
I am putting a 32" plasma tv in da back + 2 screens in da rear windows fasing to the out side. Lambo doors. h22 swap. leather interior. not yet finished with the system. i am doing a custom box to match the paint with the exterior, also putting 4 15" EV's or RCF for vocals with separate amp. i am probably doing the dashboard in fiberglass, painting the dash board and door panels etc .

Posted By: Blazeteck
Date: 08/10/2007
danm man you sold the accord? well i knew it was coming one day. where the other page for the 94? i still have the 91 accord but i added a new 92 accord EX. check it out


Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 06/12/2007
Yo.. waz poppin my dude.. Im sellin the accord an gettin a 99 accord. Im lookin 4 19z to put on it, U know. Hav to do it up big. anyway keep up the work. Lookin good. U know

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/06/2007
I updated my Profile and got new Rims Check it out when you get a chance..... (P.s You're Crazy for thinking of putting a 32" Plasma in there, Estas cabron if you do. I have to see that one) >>>Later<<<

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 02/15/2007
i hope u stay with those tenzo's those chrome wheels are fugly. i bet if u painted this car gunmetal with thoe tenzo's it would be hott

Posted By: jav94
Date: 02/13/2007
dam hows that thing sound??? how many decimals on the scale do you know?

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 01/23/2007
Yoo.. Wat up man.. How U??? Your cars coming out good. I seen you the other day on jerome.. you where going into da music shop.... Nice rimz.. I see u have chromies now. LOLOL... Yo you us to be down with the (Rr) ??? You know petty & my man buggzy. oR julieo and jonathan. Wat about Angel Nos.... Anyway Holla at me.. Let me know if I should keep this or get a 91 civic wagon that they are selling me?????? any my oic should have a 94 honda accord navy blue posted on it.

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 01/18/2007
Im back New Year, New Ride..... Holla At Me.... Let me Know Wat U think..... I need Ideas.... Do u have any music 4 sale or rimz?????? Let me know if I should keep this thing or Get 91 civic wagon that they are sellin in a lot on hunts point????? Holla at Bx all day AsK about me>>>>> Need Accord Stuff tryin to Fix my ride.

Posted By: rock
Date: 01/10/2007
mostro enviame fotos del nuevo projecto i yo te hookeo loco, gracias por los comments.............

Posted By: rock
Date: 01/02/2007
diablo mostro laguaguita esta heavy............... come ck me out tell me what you think.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 12/28/2006
I'm not really a wagon Fan -But!,,,,, I think you're really putting in good work on yours Dawg!! I had a Hatch before and I had good sounds on it, just the simple fact that it's Hatchback, the Bass waves felt and bumped really good, so I could imagine how your station wagon sounds Like.......... Thanks for your comments and goodluck with all the other stuff your doing. Poco a poco Dawg >>>Later<<<

Posted By: fdtboricua2007
Date: 12/08/2006
oye boricua, ese musica se ve bien cabron.

Posted By: Boricariduro
Date: 11/21/2006
Love your wagon to,let me know when u get new pictures later bro.

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 10/29/2006
Nice audio set up, must be loud and feel so great. Hope to see some more different picture shot, Check out my shine accord.